What To Spend Glimmer On?


I have been collecting a lot of glimmer from chests and dismantling gear, but I havn’t really found a need to spend it on. It isn’t like we need repair kits or healing potions etc. What are some good things to spend glimmer on?

What To Spend Glimmer On
Destiny 2

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SteveSickle89 -

You can buy treasure maps from Cayde which can often obtain legendary items. The maps sell for around 4k, so if you have a lot of money to spare this is a good thing to spend it on. Some people like to buy vendor gear too. It can be useful at times if you are about to do a tough mission and need the extra protection, but in most cases, you can always find better gear out in the wild. Vendor gear is more like a buff since you will usually find new gear that is better an hour or so after buying it.


You can also spend money on shaders, but this has become a really sensitive subject for a lot of gamers. I reckon this system will be altered in the near future based on how many people are complaining about it, so I would probably hold off on this until we get some word from the developers about it.

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