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Multiplayer & Online Questions & Answers

Questions and answers based around multiplayer and online aspects of video games. A large number of games feature online elements. Sometimes it can be a simple leaderboard to track who gets the best scores. Other times it can be a full blown online coop experience where players can play through the entire campaign mode with friends.


What is the difference between fireteam chat and team chat when playing Destiny 2 online?

Does Vicious attack llama apocalypse support online coop over the internet on Xbox live?

How do I invite my friend to play online with me in farcry 5?

Getting an error 006-0612 when I try to connect to the online mode of Mario Kart 7 on the 3ds

The gear share option is grayed out when I try to share weapons and armour with someone in Division 2

If I am playing Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind edition and my boyfriend is playing Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel edition will we be able to play together online? 

Does PlayStation network use the same kind of gamertag system that Xbox uses?

Is there a cross save feature that will let me push the vault I have on the Xbox one over to the PlayStation 4 version if fallout shelter?

I have a fairly large vault setup on my Android phone. Is it possible for me to copy or sync this vault to the PlayStation 4 version of the game? I am using the cloud save feature on the Android version of fallout shelter. Does the PS4 version use the same? If it is possible, […]

I like the look of this game but some of the material that I have read says that the game can ONLY be played in split screen coop. Does that mean I can only play the game with a friend who is sitrigs next to me or is also possible to play the game online […]