How do you earn points in Rift Crucible?


What are you supposed to do to get points. Obviously, scoring earns points but that is difficult. Kills do not seem to get you any points at all which is frustrating. The spark defender seasonal challenge requires you to get 50 points. Since I am not a regular crucible player, returning the spark to the enemy rift is not gonna happen for me.

How do you earn points in Rift Crucible
Destiny 2

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1 Answer

SteveSickle89 -

There are a couple of things, killing enemies is not one of them, unfortunately. Well, you can kill a player who has the spark and this will earn some points. You also get points from revives which seems odd but here are all of the things that will earn you points for the Rift and give you the points you need for the season 19 challenge to get 50 points. 

  • Taking a spark and igniting the rift. This earns the most points
  • Killing an enemy who is carrying the spark.
  • Reviving a fallen enemy from your team
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