Best In Class Quest - How To Earn Laurels

best in class quest guide

The Guardian Games event in Destiny 2 offers a lot of fun activities to keep players busy and more importantly, an additional method of obtaining some pinnacle gear and exotics. Before you can sink your teeth into the real fun, you will need to pick up the quest named “Best in Class”. The quest is not difficult but if you are unfamiliar with the guardian games, you may need a bit of an overview.

When you visit the tower, you will be greeted with a large podium in the center of the main square. To the left of this, you can pick up the first part of the best in class quest. The quest will contain several steps, most of which are quite basic. Step 2 is likely to be one that will confuse you if you are new.

best in class quest description
Earn Medallions by completing activities. Earn Laurels by defeating targets with your class abilities, or by defeating especially powerful combatants with your Guardian Games class item equipped.

The question you might have at this point is what are laurels and how do you get them? You have already killed a few enemies and no “Laurels” dropped. What are you supposed to do to get some? The images and guide below will explain it all.

How To Get Laurels

To get laurels, you will need to make sure you have equipped the “Guardian Games Class ITem”. This means you will need to equip the cape armor piece. When this is equipped, laurels will start dropping when you kill strong enemies or you kill any enemy using a grenade or your super.

Doing a strike is the best way to get these very quickly as you will have a lot of opportunities to get laurels from large enemies as well as plenty of opportunities to kill enemies with your special abilities.

What Do Laurels Look Like?

what do laurels look like
The blue triangles, similar to Motes in the gambit game mode are what Laurels most resemble. They can also be red and yellow at times.

All you have to do to pick up a laurel is to walk over it and it will be added to your inventory right away. Throw the grenade at the enemy and they will drop right away and it will be very clear when they do drop.

Once picked up, you will see them added to your inventory.

collecting laurels

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