Chapter 5 - The Benevolent Leader

Guide By Optimusmart

1. Back at sanctuary, deposit all your unwanted Aid and your Junk in the Workbench and then talk to Preston but QS just before. Reload to trigger IS.

  • Quest Completed: RTaGN (Or whatever Quest you completed in it’s place)

2. Now by this point, you should have approx;

  • 1500 Caps
  • 100 Mutfruits
  • Local Leader rank 2 perk
  • Cap Collector rank 2 perk
  • 2 unmanned settlements
  • 10 Settlers at SANCTUARY (If you don’t have these perks yet, come back to this as soon as you do).

Now its time to get setup for the BENEVOLENT LEADER Trophy.

3. Now go to your Workbench (highlighting your Junk shows you what parts you can salvage from it) and take the following Junk:

  • 100 Mutfruits,
  • 3 Cloth
  • 40 Steel
  • 4 Circuitry
  • 7 Gear
  • 7 Oil
  • 4 Concrete
  • 15 Wood

I’ve included a bit extra here just to be safe.


Red Rocket Truck Stop

1. Open the Workshop and place down:

  • 1 Machinegun Turret
  • 1 Water Pump
  • 1 Bed (under a roof)
  • 1 Bar (Tier 2 Food & Drink Store)
  • Transfer 50 Mutfruit into the Workbench Inventory.

2. Now warp to TAFFINGTON BOATHOUSE and do exactly the same.

Taffington Boathouse

1. Do exactly the same as you just did in RED ROCKET TRUCK STOP.

2. Once both settlements are set-up, warp back to SANCTUARY.


1. Back at SANCTUARY, send 1 unnamed Settler (they will just be called ‘Settler’) to RED ROCKET TRUCKSTOP and send another 1 to TAFFINGTON BOATHOUSE. If you need to, use the Bell to round up all the Settlers.

2. Once done, warp to RED ROCKET TRUCKSTOP.

Red Rocket Truckstop

1. Back here, wait for the Settler to arrive that you have just sent here. He/She may not arrive straight away so just sit down somewhere and wait for a few hrs or so to allow them time to reach the Settlement.

2. Search the Settlement and once you find the Settler, assign He/She to the Bar.

3. Now open your Workshop HUD and the Settlement stats should all be Green with a Green Arrow (not the DC Comics character ;) beside the Happiness Rating if done correctly. Your Food says 0, but the Settler will actually consume the food you placed in the Workbench.

4. Now Warp to TAFFINGTON BOATHOUSE and do exactly the same.

Taffington Boathouse

1. Once all is done here exactly as you did at RED ROCKET TRUCKSTOP, you will have 2 Settlements all ready to achieve 100 Happiness. You only need 1 Settlement for 100 Happiness, but I have asked you to prepare 2 just to be safe because Settlements Happiness ‘can’ be buggy.

  • All you need now is continue on with the Guide, the Happiness will increase at these Settlements as you play the game, just takes time.
  • Just keep an eye for any notifications that appear on your screen stating that either of these 2 Settlements are in trouble and need help. If that does occur, stop what your doing (if possible) at the earliest opportunity, warp to either Settlement and help them.
  • If you ever miss a notification that appears, but catch a glimpse of it, you can find these under QUEST > MISC Menu in your PIP-BOY.

2. Once all is ready, carry on with [TAKING INDEPENDENCE], warp to BOSTON COMMON.

Boston Common

1. Head South from the Spawn Point and shortly after passing through the COMBAT ZONE, you will come to a crossroads. Stop at the crossroad and look SouthWest and you will see a large Nuka Cola Sign, looking to the South you should see a Blue Wrecked Car and a Bus slightly further. From the crossroads, head East and once you enter MASS BAY MEDICAL CENTRE, head South.

2. Shortly after, you will come to a building with a ‘worn’ Hubrus sign on it and to your SouthEast you should see a overhead highway. From here, head straight to the QM.

3. After passing through the river and have climbed back onto land, be careful as you may come across a Mutant Suicider in the ruined construction area. Keep heading straight to the QM and you will eventually reach Preston.

4. Talk to him SBCs, and once finished, loot the building and head East to THE CASTLE at the QM. At THE CASTLE, help the Minutemen clear the courtyard area and afterwards you will be tasked with destroying the Eggs at the QMs.

5. Eliminate the Eggs in the Courtyard first and the Eggs in THE CASTLE interior going from Left to right. Loot THE CASTLE as you go and be sure to use the Water Fountains/Sinks in the most Left room to refill your HP should you need.

6. After you destroy so many Eggs, the ‘Mirelurk Queen’ will spawn. She will be very easy with your level and stats but use THE CASTLE for cover if you wish and use the Water Fountains to refill your HP if needed to save STIMPACKS.

7. After defeating the Mirelurk Queen, talk to Preston.

8. Once finished talking, grab the GUNS & BULLETS MAG from the desk near the central Radio Transmitter.

9. Next, open your Workshop HUD and place 2 Generator-Mediums next to the Radio Beacon in the center, and then wire them together. Now wire 1 of the Generators to the Radio Beacon.

10. Once the objective is complete, QS before talking to Preston and reload to trigger IS.



11. Now warp to DCM, sell your unwanted gear, stockup and then warp to SANCTUARY.


1. Deposit any gear you don’t need and then sleep for 3 days.

2. Now warp back to the Castle.

The Castle

1. There should now be a Settler wandering around the courtyard wearing a Green Military Uniform and a Beret. This is Ronnie Shaw, talk to her SBCs to begin the next Quest.

  • Quest Begins: OLD GUNS

2. After talking, follow her to the debris in THE CASTLE interior and use your Workshop HUD to scrap the debris. Then follow her down and into the Castle Tunnels.

3. Head through the tunnels but be careful in here because there are MINES everywhere and they are difficult to see. Use V.A.T.S everytime you enter a different part or move around a corner to quickly check if there are Mines on the floor. Loot as you go and you will eventually come to SentryBot named ‘Sarge’. Destroy it and then Ronnie will HACK the nearby TERMINAL. Loot the next area past the GATE Ronnie unlocks and then follow her through the next door into the Armoury.

4. Loot everything in here making sure you grab the ARTILLERY ITEMS and the FLARES. Then open the Main Armoury door using the BUTTON beside the door and then talk to Ronnie.

5. After talking, climb to the top of the Armoury and Scrap the Destroyed Artillery up there. Then open the Workshop HUD > Special and place a Artillery Piece in its place. Now locate a Settler (there should be some free Settlers here by now but if not, you may have to send 1 from SANCTUARY) and assign the Settler to the Artillery Piece.

6. Talk to Ronnie afterwards following her and then throw a ARTILLERY SMOKE GRENADE in the designated QM area once tasked to. Move back to safety and after watching the Artillery Fire down, you will be prompted to talk to Preston. At this point, loot the WorkBench and then warp to SANCTUARY.


1. Deposit your gear and then talk to Preston SBCs, but QS just before. Reload to trigger IS.

  • Quest Completed: OLD GUNS



2. Warp to DCM if you need to Stockup then warp to THE CASTLE.

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