Should I Handle the Situation With or Without Travis in Confidence Man?

Handle the Situation With or Without Travis

In Fallout 4, “Confidence Man” is a side quest that begins when the player overhears an argument between Vadim Bobrov and his brother, Yefim, at the Dugout Inn in Diamond City. Vadim is concerned about the low self-esteem of Travis Miles, the local radio host, and believes it is affecting the quality of his broadcasts. Vadim comes up with a plan to help boost Travis’s confidence and asks the player for assistance.

The pivotal decision point in the quest occurs when Vadim is kidnapped by a group of thugs led by Tower Tom, who is seeking revenge for the player’s and Travis’s earlier actions. The player is then faced with a challenging choice: whether to involve Travis in the rescue mission or to handle the situation without him.

  1. Involve Travis in the rescue mission: The player can choose to involve Travis by convincing him to help rescue Vadim from the Beantown Brewery. This decision leads to a confrontation with Tower Tom and his gang, during which Travis will participate in the fight. If Travis survives the confrontation, his confidence will be significantly boosted, resulting in improvements to his radio broadcasts and interactions with the player. This choice is considered the more compassionate option, as it involves helping Travis overcome his low self-esteem and grow as a person.
  2. Handle the situation without Travis: The player can choose to handle the situation alone or with their companion, without involving Travis. This decision still leads to a confrontation with Tower Tom and his gang, but Travis will not participate in the fight. After rescuing Vadim, Travis’s confidence may still improve, but to a lesser extent compared to involving him in the rescue mission. This choice may be seen as the safer option, as it reduces the risk of Travis being killed during the confrontation.

Both choices in the “Confidence Man” quest have their own outcomes and rewards. The primary impact on the player’s experiences later in the game is the improvement in Travis’s radio broadcasts and interactions, which can create a more enjoyable atmosphere while exploring the Commonwealth. The quest serves as an opportunity for players to help a struggling character and make a decision that aligns with their preferred playstyle.

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