Is there any need to put walls around Fallout 4 settlements?


I have been spending a lot of time building up my settlement and I am running low on space to build since I have a lot of walls to protect the place. Even though I have a lot of walls already, they dont seem to be doing a good job at keeping raiders out. Do the walls serve much of a purpose in this game or are they meerly for decoration?

Is there any need to put walls around Fallout 4 settlements
Fallout 4

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Dan -

Walls in Fallout 4 settlements are fairly pointless i find. They do keep enemies out, so long as they spawn outside, but they always manage to get in. It’s almost like they just spawn inside the walls if there is no way to get inside. If you have ever played tower defense games, you will find the best use of walls is to sort of make a maze for the bandits to walk down. So if you put walls around the main area and then have a couple of entrances that you fortify with guns and turrets, it will act like a choke point. All enemies will come through here and get caugt with a ton of firepower and likely get killed before they can even make it inside. 

Gates are also pointless, since enemies seem to be able to open them and NPCs open them randomly and don’t close them when they are done.

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