Chapter 9 - The Institute

Guide By Optimusmart

1. Enter the doorway and use the TERMINAL on the Console in front of you. Load a Holotape and select:

  • > Network Scanner > Initiate Network Scan > Copy Encrypted Message > Read Urgent Reply001.

2. Now exit the TERMINAL and head East, Father should begin talking. Enter the Elevator once able to do so and use it.


3. Make sure the [INSTITUTIONALISED] Quest is active and deselect [UU].

4. Exit the lift, follow the corridor and use the 2nd lift at the end. Move on forward and talk to Shaun behind the glass SBCS. Eventually Father will come through the nearby door, talk to him SBCs.

5. Once done, go and talk to each DIVISION LEADER ATMs, SBCs.

6. Once you begin talking to the last DIVISION LEADER, QS and reload to trigger IS. NOTE; I wasn’t able to Trigger IDIOT SAVANT for this Quest, so don’t waste too much time reloading. I may have just been really unlucky though!




7. Now talk to Father again ATM SBCs.

8. Then deselect [SYNTH RETENTION] and select UNDERGROUND UNDERCOVER and continue with this Quest.

9. Talk to Liam ATM SBCs and then follow him.

10. Once you meet and begin talking with Z1-14, QS, and then persuade him SBC ‘fighting for you’, reload until successful.

11. Next, talk to Liam again SBCs. Then once prompted, warp to RR.


1. Talk with Des, TTom may join in the conversation, just SBCs for both.

2. Enter your report on P.A.Ms TERMINAL when prompted selecting ENTER INSTITUTE REPORT then talk with P.A.M SBCs.


Cambridge Polymer Labs

1. Enter the LABS and kill the Robot Molly that begins chatting with you inside. Loot the CPL DIRECTORS ROOM KEY from it and then climb the NE stairs to the next floor.

2. Enter the North door up here using the CPL DIRECTORS ROOM KEY and grab the MASSACHUSETTS SURGICAL JOURNAL MAG from the desk inside.

3. Now head back to the entrance area and proceed through the East door.

4. Follow the path and use the TERMINAL in the end room to begin the Decontamination Sequence.


5. After the Decontamination Sequence has finished, continue pushing forward.

6. Once you reach the open area with the stairs and Ghouls, enter the 2nd SW door (says C4 beside it), and follow this room all the way to the end and HACK the NOVICE TERMINAL.

7. Now head up the stairs to the but after you have climbed the stairs and you turn left to face the QM, you will see a TERMINAL on a Desk, HACK this NOVICE TERMINAL.

8. Then make your way to the QM door and HACK the EXPERT TERMINAL on the wall to UNLOCK the Door.

9. Enter the room and use BERGMANS TERMINAL ATM selecting:

  • > Bergmans Terminal > Password Request.


  • > Facility Defense Systems > Emergency Override > Facility Breached = All Lockdown Overrides Cleared.

10. Now retrace your steps to the entrance and leave the building, kill Molly AGAIN on your way out to progress.

11. Once outside, warp to RR HQ.


GUN-FOR-HIRE (Complete 10 Sidequests)


1. After the small scene, talk to Des SBCs.

2. Once all her dialogue is exhausted, deselect [UU] and select [SYNTH RETENTION]. Then warp to LONGNECK LUKOWSKIS CANNERY.

Longneck Lukowskis Cannery

1. Head South to the QM, following the coastline and staying on land.

2. Shortly after passing through NAHANT WHARF, you will come to NAHANT SHERIFFS DEPARTMENT where you should find the X6 (a NPC) ATM. Talk to X6 ATM SBCs (If hes busy shooting other factions, DON’T JOIN IN as you may make another faction hostile towards you. Just wait on a chair nearby for 24hrs and then the other Factions should have moved on).

3. After talking, head South to the QM through LIBERTALIA. Just go straight through the water to the QM, navigating around any obstacles.

4. Once your about 22m away, you will have to climb up a large Boat and make your way to the QM at the top defeating/looting enemies as you go, X6 will eventually catch up!

5. Once in the Captains Cabin at the top, X6 will initiate a conversation with you, SBCs.

6. Afterwards, climb the ladder in the Cabin ATM to reach the Synth on the roof. The Synth will engage conversation with you, when given the option, select the Left Choice ‘Use Recall Code’, then kill the other enemies.

7. Loot the area if you wish and then HACK the MASTER TERMINAL in the Southern part.

8. Once all done, warp to THE INSTITUTE.

The Institute

1. Talk with Father ATM.

2. After talking, visit your Quarters ATM, but QS just before you enter your room. Reload to trigger IS.

  • Quest Completed: SYNTH RETENTION

3. Now talk with Father SBCs. After talking, deselect [BOBH] and select [UU].

4. Talk with both the Marker NPCs (Liam & Z1-14) SBCs and then find a seat and wait for 24hrs once prompted (There are benches in the central area next to the lift).

5. Once awake, talk to Z1-14 ATM again SBCs.

6. Now head to the QM (Take the door beneath the stairs in the area with a Clock above the entrance) and into the Elevator.

7. Once you reach the QM, kill the 5 Marked Synths, a well placed Grenade is very effective here ;).

8. After the Marked Synths are dead, head back and talk to Z1-14 SBCs. After the conversation has finished, he will tell you to ‘Continue Working with Father’.

9. Now deselect [UU], select [BOBH] and warp to BUNKER HILL.

Bunker Hill

1. Head to the QM, but kill the Marked NPC that you are supposed to talk to.

2. Then move away from the Combat Area so that you can warp to C.I.T RUINS.

C.I.T. Ruins

1. Enter the C.I.T ROTUNDA Door ATM straight ahead (N) into the building.

2. Inside, turn right and head East all the way to the stairs at the end. Climb these stairs and enter the door at the top.

3. Now you’ re on the roof, go and talk with Father SBCs. QS on the 5th Dialogue Option where the bottom choice is ‘My Fault’. Reload to trigger IS.

  • Quest Completed: BOBH

4. Afterwards, warp to THE INSTITUTE.

The Institute

1. Meet with Father ATM and he will lead you to a Meeting.

2. Watch the Meeting scene, but talk with Father when spoken to SBCs.

3. After the Meeting has finished, talk with Father and QS on the first dialogue option, SBCs and reload to trigger IS.

  • Quest Completed: MANKIND REDEFINED
  • Quest Begins: MASS FUSION


DO NOT complete any steps for [MASS FUSION] yet! Progressing this Quest will void other Factions thus voiding some Trophies. Make a HS here just in case!!

4. Now warp to CAMBRIDGE POLYMER LABS but warp to DCM/SANCTUARY first if you need to stock up or/and deposit some Gear.

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