Should You Side With Paul Or Cooke In Diamond City Blues?

Side With Paul Or Cooke

In Fallout 4, “Diamond City Blues” is a side quest that begins when the player witnesses a confrontation between Paul Pembroke and Henry Cooke, the owner of the Colonial Taphouse in Diamond City. The conflict is over Cooke’s affair with Paul’s wife, Darcy. After the confrontation, Paul approaches the player and asks for help in dealing with Cooke.

The pivotal decision point in the quest occurs when the player learns about a planned chem deal between Cooke, Trish (a member of a rival gang), and Nelson Latimer (the son of a wealthy Diamond City family). The player is then faced with a challenging choice: whether to side with Paul and sabotage the deal or to side with Cooke and proceed with the deal.

  1. Side with Paul and sabotage the deal: The player can choose to help Paul by ambushing the chem deal, which leads to a violent confrontation with Cooke, Trish, and Nelson. After the shootout, the player can decide whether to spare or kill Trish. If Trish is spared, she reveals the location of a chem stash, which the player can loot for valuable chems and caps. This decision may be seen as the more morally ambiguous choice, as it involves betraying Cooke and potentially killing multiple people. However, it results in a significant amount of loot and caps for the player.
  2. Side with Cooke and proceed with the deal: The player can choose to side with Cooke by convincing Paul to back down or by betraying Paul during the ambush. This decision leads to a peaceful resolution of the chem deal, and the player receives a share of the chems and caps from the deal. This choice may be seen as the more morally questionable option, as it involves siding with the person responsible for the affair and continuing the chem trade in Diamond City. However, the player will avoid the violent confrontation and can still gain a significant amount of loot and caps.

Both choices in the “Diamond City Blues” quest have their own outcomes and rewards. The primary impact on the player’s experiences later in the game is the potential loss of relationships with either Paul or Cooke, as well as the possible loss of access to the Colonial Taphouse. Additionally, the player’s choice may affect their reputation in Diamond City and their relationship with the Latimer family. The quest serves as an opportunity for players to explore their moral compass and make a decision that aligns with their preferred playstyle.

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