Chapter 7 - Detective Nick Valentine

Guide By Optimusmart

1. Harvest Mutfruits, deposit any unwanted gear and upgrade your WEAPON and TATTERED RAGS/BATTERED FEDORA if possible and then select the [UNLIKELY VALENTINE] Quest, which we will now be completing.


You should be approx Lvl 35 by now.

Park Street Station/Boston Common

1. Before entering PARK STREET STATION ATM, Take a wander into SWAN LAKE just behind and go to the POND in the centre, SWANS POND.

2. If the Behemoth ‘Swan’ doesn’t rise from the POND, shoot the tyre sticking out the top of the water and then kill Swan once he pops up. Loot him afterwards and then enter PARK STREET STATION ATM.

Park Street Station (interior)

1. Make your way to the QM looting boxes/crates, killing/looting enemies, PICKING any LOCKS you come across.

2. Eventually you will reach the QM, operate the VAULT CONTROLS here to access VAULT 114.

Vault 114

1. Push through this next area and you will eventually come to a Cell at the QM with Nick inside.

2. Kill the enemy ‘Dino’ who is guarding the Cell, but do not loot the OVERSEERS PASSWORD from his body, instead, HACK the NOVICE TERMINAL beside Nicks Cell to gain Access.

3. Talk to Nick inside SBCs then grab the SPEECH BOBBLEHEAD from the desk. Follow Nick out of the Cell and keep following him until your back outside.

4. Eliminate/Loot enemies you come across and after Nick PICKS the first door LOCK, you will climb some stairs straight after. Make sure you grab the ASTOUNDINGLY AWESOME TALES MAG in the first room you come to at the top of the stairs (its on some Gray Boxes next to a Ashtray with a Lit Cigarette inside).

5. Keep following Nick until he PICKS the next LOCK leading back to PARK STREET STATION. After entering the door, you will be ambushed by four enemies, a well placed GRENADE here will interrupt their pointless chitchat!!

6. Keep following Nick and climb the ladder at the end after him.

7. Once outside, immediately QS and then talk to Nick SBCs. Reload to trigger IS.

  • Quest Completed: UNLIKELY VALENTINE
  • Quest Begins: GETTING A CLUE


8. Now warp to DCM.


1. Enter Nicks Agency ATM.

2. Inside, Talk to Nick & Ellie, then sit down once instructed.

3. Talk SBCs, but sometimes you will need to select every choice to progress.

4. Afterwards, grab the ROBCOFUN MAG from the Desk and then follow Nick to Kelloggs house.

5. Once at Kelloggs house, PICK the MASTER LOCK and enter.

6. Inside, press the BUTTON under the desk to open a Secret room. Loot the Secret room making sure you grab the SAN FRANCISCO HIGHLIGHTS (Cigarettes). Tell Nick you will use Dogmeat and take Nick with you when asked. Then Send Piper to SANCTUARY but quickly recruit Piper again before she has chance to leave.

NEVER GO IT ALONE (recruit 5 separate companions)

7. Now exit the house, QS and then show Dogmeat the CIGAR to find Shaun. Reload to trigger IS.

  • Quest Completed: GETTING A CLUE
  • Quest Begins: REUNIONS

8. Now follow Dogmeat out of DCM and to the clues.

Commonwealth (outside DCM)

1. Whenever Dogmeat stops near a clue, search the close vicinity for the clue. Once you discover the clue, Dogmeat will search for the next.

  • The first clue will be SAN FRANCISCO HIGHLIGHTS on a Crate beside a small Pond. Along the way kill any enemies you encounter.
  • The 2nd clue you reach is a BLOODIED BANDAGE on a pipe next to a wall.

2. Just after the 2nd clue, if you look straight North, you will see a VAULT icon on the Compass (looks like a Hollowed Cog). Ignore your current Quest for a minute and head North straight to this icon.

3. Once you reach VAULT 81, first kill the Stunted Yao Guai bear-like enemy on the cliffs just above and then enter the VAULT (you have to kill this enemy because otherwise you wont be able to operate the VAULT CONTROLS inside due to there being a enemy nearby).

Vault 81 (inside)

1. Activate the VAULT CONTROLS, SBCs once somebody starts talking to you. But when you are given a persuasive choice ‘Help a Vault Dweller, QS and then select this. Reload until successful.

  • Quest Begins: VAULT 81

2. Select the above Quest, deselect [REUNIONS] and then talk to the Overseer ATM SBCs.

3. Afterwards, head West and into the Elevator.

4. When you exit, walk down the stairs in front to the Cafeteria and then turn North and head forward here.

5. Shortly you will reach a door that reads ‘Class Room’ above the door, turn East here, head down the stairs and enter the first Northern door into the Medical Area.

6. Donate Blood to Dr.Forsythe once he asks and then talk to him afterwards.

7. Once finished talking, HACK the NOVICE TERMINAL in here and then retrace your steps back to the Cafeteria.

8. From the Cafeteria, climb the West stairs and enter corridor on your right (Northern wall).

9. Follow this path around to the Overseers office where you will find a ADVANCED TERMINAL to HACK. Now reselect [REUNIONS], leave the VAULT and carry on with the that Quest.


1. Resume following Dogmeat.

  • once you reach the 3rd Clue be weary as its a Decoy and a MINE will explode.
  • The 4th clue will be SAN FRANCISCO HIGHLIGHTS again beside a Broken Robot.
  • The 5th clue is BLOODIED BANDAGES again.

2. Dogmeat will eventually lead you to FORTHAGEN. Check on dogmeat and then follow the building around to the South and enter FORTHAGEN’S Underground Parking Lot. Enter the door at the bottom into FORT HAGEN.

Fort Hagen (inside)

1. After climbing the stairs slightly, HACK the NOVICE TERMINAL in front before continuing up the next set of stairs.

2. Once at the very top of the stairs, head to the SE room and grab the GUNS & BULLETS MAG from the Table in the Kitchen.

3. Now retrace your steps down a level to the TERMINAL you HACKED and head South on this level around the stairs which should have you moving in a clockwise direction.

4. Eventually you will come to a large long room with a Ceiling Mounted Laser Turret and a ADVANCED TERMINAL on the centre pillar here. HACK the TERMINAL and UNLOCK the Security door using the TERMINAL.

5. Then loot the Green Chest beside the TERMINAL and the nearby Caged area for some Goodies then enter the nearby Elevator.

6. Once out, follow the corridor South and then around to the right, down some stairs and eventually into FORT HAGEN Command Centre looting any AMMO from Crates/Boxes and also enemies you kill along the way.

7. Push through this area entering the first Doorway on your Left. This will lead you into the Sleeping Quarters that will have a EXPERT TERMINAL on a wall inside to HACK. Loot the Crates/Boxes/Medboxes if you wish and then carry on heading past the Sleeping Quarters.

8. Take a left just after the Sleeping Quarters and then a Right at the bottom of the stairs (the room on your right here has a FUSION CORE if you want it). Follow this corridor around to the left and make sure you enter the Cafeteria Area on your left when you come to it.

9. Enter the Kitchen at the back in here and grab the ENERGY WEAPONS BOBBLEHEAD from on a Counter. Destroy the enemies that ambush you and then take a left out of the Cafeteria and continue down this path.

10. Once at the end of the long curved corridor, HACK the MASTER TERMINAL you come to. Use the TERMINAL to UNLOCK the Security Door and then loot inside for some Awesome Goodies.

11. Resume following the path and enter the next room on your Left for a NOVICE TERMINAL to HACK. Now head straight to the QM which is very close.

12. Once you reach Kellogg, kill him and then Loot everything from his body. Now OPERATE KELLOGGS TERMINAL and use it to View the Access Logs, and OPEN the Doors with it as well.

13. Grab the ROBCOFUN MAG beside the TERMINAL and if you wish; loot some of the Goodies in this area.

14. Once done, head to the QM at the Elevator and use it to go outside.

  • Quest Begins: REVEILLE

15. Once outside and clear of enemies, make sure [REVEILLE] is not selected and warp to DCM.


1. Sell/Stockup if needed and then enter Nicks Detective Agency ATM.

2. Inside, Talk to Nick SBCs, but once you get the dialogue option which has ‘Good Idea’ as the bottom choice, QS and then select this bottom choice. Reload to trigger IS.

  • Quest Completed: REUNIONS
  • Quest Begins: DANGEROUS MINDS


3. Afterwards, warp to SANCTUARY.

4. At Sanctuary, deposit all your currently unneccessary gear, then sleep for 48 hours.

5. Once awake, warp to VAULT 81.

Vault 81

1. Back here, enter the VAULT and make your way back to the Medical Room where you donated Blood earlier.

2. Now in the Medical Room, there will be a heated debate in progress between some of the Settlers. Watch the debate and eventually they will begin talking to you, SBCs and then follow Bobby when prompted.

  • Quest Begins: HOLE IN THE WALL

3. Make sure you have only this Quest selected now and continue following Bobby. Eventually he will come to a wall that he will break revealing a door.

4. Make sure you enter the nearby Shack in the corner and HACK the MASTER TERMINAL inside before entering the newly revealed door into ‘Secret Vault 81’.

5. Head left up the stairs following the path around and when you descend some stairs, you will see a Protectron and a NOVICE TERMINAL next to it for you to HACK.

6. Keep following the path around to the QM and you will come to a locked door with a EXPERT TERMINAL beside it when your approx 20m from the QM. HACK the TERMINAL, open the door and then speak to Curie inside ATM SBCs.

7. After you’ve finished talking, the door will open allowing access to Curies room. Enter the room and grab the MEDICINE BOBBLEHEAD from the center desk and then follow the QM all the way back to Dr.Forsythe.

8. Give him the cure and then watch him use it on the boy. As soon as you acquire the SYRINGER AMMO from him, QS and then reload to trigger IS.

  • Quest Completed: HOLE IN THE WALL

9. Now select the [DANGEROUS MINDS] Quest again and carry on with this, exit the VAULT and then warp to GOODNEIGHBOR.


1. Make your way to the Memory Den and talk to Doctor Armari ATM SBCs, then sit in the seat once prompted, HS here.

2. Once in the Memory, run through each Memory and straight onto the next Nerve Ending and keep doing this until you reach the last Memory where you will see Shaun and Kellogg. You can watch the scenes play out if you want, completely up to you, i’m just having you run straight past them all to save time.

3. Just wait in the last Memory observing Shaun & Kellogg and eventually a Courser will show up and there will be a brief scene.

4. Once the Courser has warped away and the Memory has finished, interact with the TV to exit the Memories.

5. Now talk to Doctor Armari SBCs, but on the 3rd dialogue choice make a QS before SBC. Reload to trigger IS.

  • Quest Completed: DANGEROUS MINDS
  • Quest Begins: THE GLOWING SEA


6. Exit the Memory Den, but talk to Nick on your way out SBCs.

7. After talking to Nick and once outside, warp to GUNNERS PLAZA.

You should be lvl 38 approx by now.

Gunners Plaza

1. From the spawn, head directly West to the QM passing through CUTLER BEND as you go.

2. When you come to a overhead highway and the QM is very close, the QM will suddenly change location since you are now in THE GLOWING SEA. Once this happens, ignore the re-positioned QM for the moment and look South. You should see a VAULT symbol just left of South Marker on your Compass (can be quite faint to see). Head to this symbol which will take you to VAULT 95.

3. Kill/Loot the enemies outside and then enter VAULT 95.

Vault 95

1. Use the Elevator inside and once you exit disable the TRIPWIRES in front.

2. Now follow the path around the corner to the large open area.

3. Staying on this Floor, Kill/Loot the enemies and then HACK the MASTER TERMINAL in the South corner and then head through the North Door.

4. Continue through here following the corridor and down the stairs.

5. At the bottom of the stairs, take the left door (South) and HACK the NOVICE TERMINAL inside.

6. Now enter the door on the right (North) of the TERMINAL and take the Northeast route where the Lit Ash Bin is.

7. Keep heading in a NE direction and you will come to a room with the BIG GUNS BOBBLEHEAD on the center table, grab it!

8. Now exit the VAULT and continue with the Quest [THE GLOWING SEA].


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