Chapter 2 - Into The Commonwealth

Guide By Optimusmart

1. Outside DIAMOND CITY Entrance, head East towards the Marker taking the left path which follows the City Wall.

2. Once you come to the end of the City wall you will see a road with a ‘Bank’ and ‘Pharmacy’ beside it. Follow this road North along the City wall.

3. Shortly after you pass under a ‘Baseball sign’, turn right here (E) and head up the steps in front into POLICE PRECINCT 8. Keep walking straight ahead towards the large building in front, BOSTON PUBLIC LIBRARY.

4. Enter the LIBRARY by PICKING the Locked Double Door you will come to.

Boston Public Library

Be careful here, because with your current build, the enemies can quickly overpower you, but they will fall pretty quick once you lay into them, just be sure to use cover when needed. Also be weary of the Entrance for the first few minutes because shortly some Super Mutants may come crashing in through the Entrance.

1. Ignore the large room on your left with the Protectrons and Turrets for now and take the Eastern route looting and killing everything as you push forward.

2. When you reach the Northern stairs, be sure to Loot the bodies downstairs (but do not enter the Door downstairs) and the Ammo containers at the top of the stairs, then HACK the nearby NOVICE TERMINAL and continue West.

3. In the room with the chained door, there is another TERMINAL to HACK near the Southern Door here.

4. QS before you OPEN the Chained Door and push through. Grab the LIBRARY STORAGE ROOM KEY on the table in the NE corner of this room.

5. Carry on into the NW room from here and grab the INTELLIGENCE BOBBLEHEAD of the computers along the North wall. Make sure you loot the ‘Library Storage Room’ nearby and then exit the LIBRARY and warp to DCM.


1. Sell your unwanted gear and stock up on 10mm. Then warp to SANCTUARY.


1. Deposit your Junk and unwanted Aid and harvest the Mutfruit Plants.

2. Also now we’re back here, add any remaining Resources to Sanctuary that you haven’t added yet due to being short earlier.

3. Locate Codsworth and recruit him and send Piper to SANCTUARY. As soon as Piper begins to walk away, quickly recruit her again and dismiss Codsworth.

4. Afterwards, warp to BOSTON PUBLIC LIBRARY.

Boston Public Library (outside)

1. Now turn and look East, at about 1 ‘o’ clock you will see a very tall building. Make your way to the building and enter TRINITY TOWER.

Trinity Tower

1. Now tune into ‘Trinity Tower Radio’.

  • Quest begins: CURTAIN CALL

2. Deselect any other Quests and keep [CURTAIN CALL] active. Now make your way upwards to the QM looting/killing as you go.

3. After you exit the 1st elevator, drop down the hatch in the neighboring Elevator to enter a room with a TERMINAL. HACK the TERMINAL, PICK the SAFE, then proceed through the nearby door making your way to the QM on the roof.

4. Once on the roof, loot the area making sure you grab the TRINITY TOWER CELL KEY from the Chest and then enter Rex’s cell. Be sure to grab the MELEE BOBBLEHEAD from his cell and then continue with the Quest.

5. After you reach the bottom of the Tower and Rex begins talikng, QS on the 1st dialogue option and reload to trigger IS.

  • Quest completed: CURTAIN CALL

6. Straight after, Recruit Strong and send Piper to SANCTUARY. But quickly recruit Piper again straight after and send Strong to SANCTUARY instead keeping Piper with you. Now Warp to DCM.


1. Sell your unwanted gear/stock up as usual. Be sure you don’t sell the SUIT that you received for completing [CURTAIN CALL] as this gives +3 Charisma.

2. Also keep hold of a pair of Glasses or Hat you come across that each have +1 Charisma. Afterwards, warp to SANCTUARY.


1. Deposit your gear, harvest the Mutfruits if ready and also upgrade the DMG on your PISTOL again if possible.

2. If you still don’t have the amount of resources down that I mentioned earlier, place down what you can.

3. Then make sure Quest [UNLIKELY VALENTINE] is selected and Warp to TRINITY TOWER.

Trinity Tower (outside)

1. Once you spawn, turn and run North slightly till you hit a intersection (crossroads). Look East here and you will see the QM just to the left and a tall building in the distance.

2. Head towards this building passing through HUBRIS COMICS and into BOSTON COMMON which has a small Park with a Fence around it and POND in the center.

3. Once at the far East side of the fence, turn North and the QM should be up ahead.

4. Just south of the QM, about ’16’m is a Fountain with a sign beside it. Examine this sign and the Freedom Trail Marker on the ground.

  • Quest begins: ROAD TO FREEDOM (if not already from your time in DCM)
    Select this Quest and deselect any others.

For this Quest, you need to follow the Red Bricked Marking on the ground all the way to a CHURCH. At Regular Intervals along the Red Bricked Path are round Railroad markers to examine so make sure you examine these along the way.

5. Follow this Red Bricked Marking, examining the RR Markers (don’t worry about taking notes as I will mention the password later) along the way, and you will pass by PARK STREET STATION, MASSUCHUSETTS STATE HOUSE and OLD GRANARY BURYING GROUND.

6. Once you reach the Marker that reads ‘A6’ and ‘A0‘, head South of here and enter the door leading to GOODNEIGHBOR.


1. When you enter, move forward slightly until ‘Finn’ intitiates a converstaion. Choose the left choice ‘sarcastic’ and then watch the small scene.

2. Afterwards talk to ‘Hancock’ and SBC 1st followed by the left choice ‘sarcastic’. Keep talking and ask him about work to activate Quest:

    Deselect this Quest.

3. After talking take a note of the 2 stores in front of you. The left store is run by KL-E-O who sells various Shipments including OIL and BALLISTIC FIBRE. The store on the right is run by Daisy who also sells a lot of items and some useful Shipments.

4. Talk to Daisy but QS just before. When she asks you about work, select left choice ‘looking for work’, followed by the bottom choice ‘I already did it’. Reload QS to trigger IS.

  • Quest begins: PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE
  • Quest completed: PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE

5. Now exit GOODNEIGHBOR and continue with [ROAD TO FREEDOM].

Goodneighbor (outside)

1. Straight after you exit GOODNEIGHBOR, move back to the RailRoad Red Brick Path and continue following.

2. The RBP may seem to disappear sometimes under rubble, you may need to cross the road or explore the vicinity to pick it up again.

3. Shortly after discovering the OLD CORNER BOOKSTORE you will reach the Marker that reads ‘3I’. Turn immediately West once you reach here and there will be a tall building directly in front. Proceed to the West of the this building (MASS FUSION BUILDING) to the doorway being careful of the enemies and mines outside and then enter the building.

Mass Fusion Building (inside)

1. You’re only here for 1 reason, to get the STRENGTH BOBBLEHEAD so be quick, no looting except for maybe bodies and then we will be leaving. There are also a few Drink Fountains in this building which you can use to refill your Health.

2. Run straight to the Eastern wall in front and make your way up the stairs being weary of enemies and traps.

3. Be careful of the Raider with the Missile Launcher just after the room with the Electric Trap on the ceiling. Quickly sprint cross the walkway and the Missiles should miss, quickly dispatch of the enemies here and climb up in the nearby rooms.

4. Keep working your way around and up until you reach the highest floor that you have access to. There will be a enemy here with Power Armour on, if you do alert him, aim for his head as that’s not protected, if you sneak up here you may not alert him.

5. There will be 2 doors here either side that lead to the Mass Fusion Balcony. There will also be a long desk opposite the large circular elevator. In front of the desk will be a Couch that sort of overlooks the floors below. Jump on this Couch and slowly edge forward towards the drop below and you will see the STRENGTH BOBBLEHEAD just on the edge on top of a wall mount slightly lower than the Couch.

6. Exit the Building through the way you came in once you have the BOBBLEHEAD.

Mass Fusion Building (outside)

1. Now carry on with the [ROAD TO FREEDOM] Quest, resume following the RBP (although theres no need to examine the Round RR Floor Markers now).

2. Careful along the path now as will shortly come across strong enemies. QS when you hear the constant beeping sound in the FANEVIL HALL area, (which will be a Mutant carrying a NUKE). Locate the enemy and let it run into and blow you up.


3. Upon respawn, follow the Red Brick Path to the end killing the enemies. You will eventually come to OLD NORTH CHURCH in front of you, enter this.

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