Chapter 3 - The Railroad

the railroad

Guide By Optimusmart

1. Move forward into the Main Chapel area then immediately turn right, walk forward and enter the door on the right beneath the collapsed floor. Continue down this path killing/looting until you come to the end of the tunnels.

2. Interact with the Railroad sign on the wall and spell ‘RAILROAD’. Click on the outer ring with the letters on to spin it, and click the middle of the sign to confirm a letter once lined up with the arrow.

3. Once done correctly, a door will open to the left, enter this to meet the Railroad and engage in conversation.

On the 1st dialogue option choose the top choice for some XP, followed by the bottom choice. On the next option choose the top choice for some XP and then keep SBC afterwards. Once you reach the option when the bottom choice is ‘I’d risk my life’, QS and reload to trigger IS.

  • Quest complete: ROAD TO FREEDOM
  • Quest begins: TRADECRAFT

4. Depending on how happy you have made Piper thus far, she may initiate a conversation with you at this point, choose all bottom choices. If she didn’t, try talking to her yourself to see if her lengthy chat triggers, if still nothing, she is obviously not ready, but remember this later for when she does initiate a chat!

5. With the [TRADECRAFT] Quest selected, talk to Deacon as prompted SBCs. Once finished, exit the Church and then warp to the GRAYGARDEN close to the QM.


1. Harvest Mutfruit here before making your way straight to Deacon ATM, you may pass through ROCKY NARROWS PARK along the way.

2. Once with Deacon, talk to him SBCs follow him to the Tourist and talk to the Tourist selecting left choice 1st ‘Railroad password’, followed by all bottom choices!

3. Afterwards, talk to Deacon SBCs and retrace your steps off the Highway and make your way to and then enter the Escape Tunnel ATM!

Escape Tunnel

1. Once inside, talk to Deacon SBCs once he arrives and then let him HACK the MASTER TERMINAL you will come to shortly. Once gate is open, make your way to the QM looting and killing as you go.

2. Once at the locked door, HACK the NOVICE TERMINAL beside it to open it and then clear and loot the area before proceeding. A FUSION CORE can be found in here as well as a US COVERT OPERATIONS MANUAL MAG in the upstairs control room beside the EXPERT TERMINAL that you will HACK. Next, HACK the EXPERT TERMINAL on the wall beside the doors and deactivate the OPTICAL TRIPWIRE CONTROL using the TERMINAL before proceeding.

3. Now enter the door, looting the right path 1st before taking the left path. Be weary of the mines at the bottom of the stairs. There will be a wall NOVICE TERMINAL down the path to the right of the stairs, which will open the caged area.

4. Once near the QM, Deacon will begin to HACK the TERMINAL, make sure you ACCEPT the PISTOL he offers to you shortly after entering the QM room. The PISTOL you receive is the DELIVERER which you will use for the remainder of the game after this Quest. Grab the QM item then exit this place following the QM.

5. Use the TERMINAL beside the lift to POWER THE ELEVATOR. Once you exit the elevator, you will arrive in LEXINGTON, warp from here to DCM. You will have to destroy any nearby enemies first before you can warp.


1. Equip your DELIVERER pistol and you can now sell your 10mm PISTOL. Sell any other unwanted gear and stock up if needed then warp to SANCTUARY.


1. Harvest the Mutfruit plants, deposit your Junk/Aid and then upgrade everything you can on the DELIVERER.

2. Once done warp to OLD NORTH CHURCH ready to turn in the Quest.

Old North Church

1. Enter the CHURCH and then go and talk to Deacon. When given the option select right choice ‘Tell the Truth’ and then QS and select the bottom choice next ‘Join the Railroad’. On the next dialogue option, QS then SBC and reload to trigger IS. DO NOT recruit Deacon if prompted.

  • Quest Complete: TRADECRAFT
  • Quest Begins: BOSTON AFTER DARK


2. Afterwards, enter the HQ (with [BOSTON AFTER DARK] selected) and talk with DR Carrington. QS on the persuade option and select ‘get on his goodside’. Once finished talking, loot the HQ for some goodies making sure you grab the ASTOUNDINGLY AWESOME TALES MAG of a desk.

3. After, exit through the North Escape Tunnel and HACK the EXPERT TERMINAL at the end beside the cage. Loot the cage for some goodies including a FUSION CORE, then carry on through the Tunnel and exit to the Commonwealth.


1. Outside, head to the QM using the nearby bridge and grab STOCKTONS HOLOTAPE from the MAILBOX ATM.

2. Now turn around and head East back to the bridge. Head South back across the bridge ignoring the QM, but stop once you’ve passed over the bridge. Face SouthWest and there will be a define green ‘building’ Marker on your compass which is for the building in front. Make your way around this building to the front until you discover CABOT HOUSE.

3. Now return to the bridge and head North to the QM.

4. At the entrance to BUNKER HILL, talk to Kessler SBCs.

5. Afterwards, enter BUNKER HILL and look around for a disfigured guy wandering about (not related to the current Quest) named ‘Edward Deegan’ and if you find him, talk to him SBCs.

  • Quest Begins: SPECIAL DELIVERY (if you found Edward)

Deselect this Quest and if you don’t find him don’t worry as there is another way to begin this Quest that I will explain later.

6. Either way, carry on with [BOSTON AFTER DARK] and talk to ‘Old Man Stockton’ at the QM. First select the left dialogue choice ‘Countersign’ and after SBCs.

7. Once finished chatting, exit BUNKER HILL through the entrance, travelling West and then North around BUNKER HILLS following the walls. Once you reach the North West corner of BUNKER HILLS outside perimeter, turn and head West following the road to the QM, passing BADTFL REGIONAL OFFICE along the way.

8. Once you come to the Church and have eliminated the enemies inside, wait until nightfall when prompted (wait on the Church seats if its currently daytime, nighttime is 8pm-8am).

9. At night, ‘Old Man Stockton’ and ‘HZ-22’ will turn up, talk to them both SBCs. Shortly after, ‘Old Man Stockton’ will signal to ‘High Rise’ to come. Once ‘High Rise’ arrives, talk to him selecting the left choice ‘Railroad Password’ and then SBCs.

10. Now follow ‘High Rise’ to his destination, defeating enemies along the way and loot the bodies. You will pass through MONSIGNOR PLAZA along the way and will eventually reach TICONDREGA where you will be prompted to talk with ‘High Rise’.

11. After the conversation, warp back to RR HQ as prompted.

Railroad HQ


1. Go to DR. Carrington at the QM but QS and HS (the HS is just in case you make a mistake in this part) just before the conversation starts.

2. Talk to him SBCs but DO NOT progress the conversation with him AFTER the Quest completes. Just progress the dialogue slowly, and once the Quest completes, move away to exit the conversation, but make sure you reload your QS until IS triggers.

  • Quest Completed: BOSTON AFTER DARK

3. At this point, you should have completed [BOSTON AFTER DARK], triggered Idiot Savant and exited the conversation before it progressed STRAIGHT AFTER completing the Quest. If the [BUTCHER BILL] Quest has become active then you progressed the conversation to much.

4. QS once you have triggered IS before progressing the conversation anymore (BUT DO NOT save over this QS until you have received the Quest [MERCER SAFEHOUSE: TAFFINGTON BOATHOUSE].

5. Once ready, talk to Dr.Carrington again SBCs and [BUTCHER BILL] will become available.

  • Quest Begins: BUTCHER BILL

6. Once the above Quest is available, talk to P.A.M SBCs and she will give you the [MERCER SAFEHOUSE] Quest at a random settlement. The random settlement that you want the Quest [MERCER SAFEHOUSE] to be at is TAFFINGTON BOATHOUSE. There’s approx 5 settlements that P.A.M will randomly choose from.

7. Reload the QS you recently made and repeat the steps again until you receive the Quest [MERCER SAFEHOUSE: TAFFINGTON BOATHOUSE]. The reason you made the QS before starting [BUTCHER BILL] is because the Settlement for [MERCER SAFEHOUSE] is chosen at the point [BUTCHER BILL] becomes available. You made the QS just before to control this to a certain degree.


8. Once done, make sure this is the only Quest you have active and then warp to the warp point CLOSEST TO THE QM, most probably BADTFL REGIONAL OFFICE.

Badtfl Regional Office

1. Once you spawn, head straight to the QM, you should pass POSEIDON ENERGY TURBINE #18 along the way.

2. You will eventually reach the Quest location TAFFINGTON BOATHOUSE.

Taffington Boathouse


1. Loot the area and defeat the enemies as prompted and then access the Workbench.

2. Now, build & place ONLY ‘1’ Machinegun Turret, then make a HS.

3. After you make the HS, build the LAST Turret (if you don’t’ have enough Junk, grab some from SANCTUARY) at which point you will be prompted to report back to P.A.M.

4. Warp back to the RR HQ.


If Drummerboy in RR HQ ever runs up to you and gives you a Quest, just ignore/deselect the Quest.

1. Go to P.A.M at the QM and QS just before talking to her, then talk to her SBCs.

2. She will give you a [JACKPOT] Quest which is randomised. The [JACKPOT] Quest you want is [PINNACLE HIGHRISE]. If you got it first time, great, keep reloading the QS until IS triggers for [MERCER SAFEHOUSE].

If YOU don’t receive [JACKPOT: PINNACLE HIGHRISE] reload the HS you made last and repeat (including making the QS) up to this point until P.A.M gives you [JACKPOT: PINNACLE HIGHRISE].

The position of the last HS is the point where the [JACKPOT] Quest is chosen from a possible 3 locations. Once you receive it, reload the QS until IS triggers.


3. Now warp to GOODNEIGHBOR.


1. Exit GOODNEIGHBOR as soon as you arrive if you’re inside.

2. Make your way around the building in front of you (West) around to the QM.

3. Once your around the building and heading East with the QM in front, you will shortly travel up a ramp onto a used narrow highway with scrap cars scattered and some enemies.

4. Follow this around and when it begins to bend to the North and the QM is 20m away, look East and you will see a catwalk going up the building in front, you need to climb this to the QM.

5. Jump off the highway using the nearby ramp and climb the stairs all the way up and enter the QM door into PINNACLE HIGHRISE. Loot the vicinity, kill the enemies and proceed to the QM looting the CACHE.

6. Now exit and warp back to RR HQ.


1. Go to P.A.M and QS, now talk to P.A.M to complete the mission. Reload for IS to trigger.


2. Now talk to TinkerTom, this should be your first time talking to him. He will offer you a shot, select the right choice ‘No Way’ followed by the right choice again on the next option.

3. Keep talking until he mentions the ‘Hi-tech stuff found in the DIA cache’ (you may have to exit the conversation and begin talking again to get him to mention this). Once he talks about this and tells you that some new gear is available, that’s the sign you can now upgrade certain Apparel with the BALLISTIC WEAVE Mod.

4. Now warp to DCM, sell all your unwanted gear, ammo etc there, then stock up and warp to SANCTUARY.


You should have about 10000 caps by now.

1. Harvest the Mutfruit and deposit any unused Aid/Junk and then open the Armour Bench. Upgrade the BATTERED FEDORA and TATTERED RAGS you own using the BALLISTIC WEAVE Mod as much as your Perks allow.

If you need more junk, you can get some Shipments from KL-E-O in GOODNEIGHBOR.

2. Next Upgrade your DELIVERER some more if possible (but do not upgrade the Sight to the Glowsight as its not worth it, it obstructs your view).

3. Once all done, select the [FIRST STEP] Quest and then warp to MUSEUM OF FREEDOM.

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