Should You Destroy The Covenant Settlement?

destroy the covenant

In Fallout 4, “Human Error” is a side quest that begins when the player arrives at Covenant, a seemingly idyllic settlement. Upon arriving, the player must pass a Safe Test, which is designed to identify potential synths. After completing the test, the player meets Honest Dan, who is investigating the disappearance of a caravan. The player can choose to help him, leading to the discovery of a secret lab called “The Compound.

The pivotal decision point in the quest occurs when the player learns that the people of Covenant are conducting experiments on humans to develop a more accurate test for identifying synths. The challenging choice for the player is deciding whether to side with the people of Covenant or destroy the settlement:

  1. Side with the people of Covenant: The player can choose to support the development of the synth-detection test, viewing it as a necessary measure for the safety of the human population. By siding with Covenant, the player will gain access to the settlement as a potential base and can use its resources. However, this decision involves accepting the morally dubious actions of the Covenant residents.
  2. Destroy the settlement: The player can choose to oppose the people of Covenant, believing that their experiments are unethical and that synths have the right to live like humans. The player will need to eliminate the inhabitants of Covenant and The Compound. This choice will result in losing access to Covenant as a settlement and its resources. However, the player will have taken a stand against the unethical treatment of synths.

Both choices in “Human Error” quest have their own consequences and rewards. The primary impact on the player’s experiences later in the game is the potential loss of Covenant as a settlement and its resources if they choose to destroy the settlement. The quest serves as an opportunity for players to explore their moral compass and make a decision that aligns with their preferred playstyle.

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