Chapter 13 - The Final Train

Guide By Optimusmart

1. Talk to and warn Des SBCs, QS on the 1st and only dialogue option. Reload to trigger IS.

  • Quest Begins: PRECIPICE OF WAR


2. The BOS will shortly invade the HQ, defeat the enemies and then talk to Des SBCs.

3. Now exit the through the QM door, heading to the CHURCH Tunnels.

4. As you pass Glory (female NPC lying on the floor), make sure you interact with her then listen to and exhaust her dialogue. Then loot her body once she’s dead.

5. Now carry on moving forward eliminating all BOS enemies you come to.

6. After you have secured the CHURCH, talk to Des when prompted SBCs.

7. Then exit the Church and warp to CAMBRIDGE POLICE STATION.

Cambridge Police Station

1. Meet with and talk to TinkerTom ATM in COLLEGE SQUARE SBCs.

2. Head back to CAMBRIDGE POLICE STATION and eliminate all the Enemies outside here that are accessible.

3. Now enter the POLICE STATION and defeat the Enemies inside. Make sure you enter the bottom SE door in the Building into the CPS Motor Pool and defeat the enemy in here. Once defeated, re-enter the building and make your way up to the roof.

4. Kill the enemies on the roof and then talk with TinkerTom SBCs (if TTom has glitched in a unrecoverable downed state, exiting the building or warping away and back seems to fix him).

5. Once prompted, keep an eye out for the BOS Vertibird (comes from the SE). Once the Vertibird comes within range, rip it to bits with your DELIVERER, hopefully destroying it along with the enemies inside before they have chance to land.

6. Afterwards and when prompted, QS and then talk with Deacon SBCs, reload to trigger IS.

  • Quest Completed: PRECIPICE OF WAR
  • Quest Begins: ROCKETS RED GLARE

7. Now enter the Vertibird (now named Claymore) and ride it to THE PRDYWEN.

The Prydwen

1. Once docked on THE PRYDWEN, head straight to the QMs ignoring enemies and healing when needed.

2. Once on the Main Deck, head upwards to the QMs and plant a CHARGE at each of the QMs.

3. Once the CHARGE’S have been planted, retrace your steps and board the Vertibird as prompted.

4. Once you land on NORTHERN BEACH, exit the Vertibird and warp to the RR HQ.


1. Walk up to Des, QS and then talk with her. Reload to trigger IS.

  • Quest Completed: ROCKETS RED GLARE

As soon as [ROCKETS RED GLARE]is completed, IMMEDIATELY stop talking with Des, do not talk with her any further.


2. Now select the [END OF THE LINE] Quest and then warp to THE INSTITUTE.

3. Talk with Father SBCs and then warp to the RR HQ once prompted.


1. Once here, eliminate every enemy but QS just before killing the last Marked enemy. Reload to trigger IS.

  • Quest Completed: END OF THE LINE
  • Quest Begins: NUCLEAR FAMILY

2. Afterwards, warp to THE INSTITUTE.

The Institute

1. Talk with Father SBCs but QS on the 3rd dialogue option where bottom choice is ‘I’m Glad I Found You’.

2. Skip the cutscene if you wish. Reload to trigger IS (although I couldn’t get it to trigger for this Quest, you should be over Level 50 anyway).

  • Quest Completed: NUCLEAR FAMILY


3. Now warp to SANCTUARY.

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