Chapter 6 - Everybody loves a Bobblehead Hunt

Everybody loves a Bobblehead Hunt

Guide By Optimusmart

1. If you open your map and look to the East, you will see a small island. Head straight East to the island which is named SPECTACLE ISLAND.

Spectacle Island

1. As soon as you touch land, follow the shore around to the South of the the Island until you come across a Green Boat. Enter the top room on the Boat and grab the LUCK BOBBLEHEAD from inside a Locker.

2. Loot the rest of the Boat and then flip the CIRCUIT BREAKER SWITCH in the bottom room on a Generator. This will spawn a Mirelurk Queen, so QS now and then move outside and kill the Queen and any other enemies (FRAG GRENADES help here), use the boat for cover if you wish.

3. Now look SouthWest and you will see a Large Red & Black Vessel washed up on the shore of land in the distance, head straight to this Vessel.

4. Once you reach the WRECK OF THE FMS NORTHERN STAR, follow it around to the right (West) and enter the 1st opening leading into the Wreck that you come across.

Wreck of the FMS Northern Star

1. Inside, head East & upwards to reach the deck.

2. Once on the deck, head West killing/looting any enemies you come across and make sure you grab the TALES OF A JUNKTOWN JERKY VENDOR MAG from the table with a Parasol in the centre.

3. Keep heading West and HACK the EXPERT TERMINAL at the end of the Ship after killing the enemy named ‘Rags.

4. Now move right to the Western edge of the deck, and you will see the AGILITY BOBBLEHEAD right on the Brow (edge), collect!

From now on, you will only Loot CRATES/BOXES/BAGS/BODIES etc looking for AMMO, better Armour and Weapons to sell. Also there is no need to go out of your way now to Loot because your Equipment should be sufficient enough by now and you will have plenty of CAPS to purchase more AMMO if required. You most likely have all that is needed for the rest of the game Resource wise so no need to waste the time now, unless I instruct you to of course ;).

5. Now look West and a little South and you will see a Power Station that has a Chimney with White and Red Stripes around the Rim, carefully climb down the Ship and make your way there.

Poseidon Energy

1. Once you reach POSEIDON ENERGY, climb the stairs to the right of the Large Chimney and then use the catwalk to reach the roof.

2. Once on the top, PICK the MASTER door here (QS just before if you wish to save BOBBY PINS as MASTER LOCKS can be difficult) beside the wall TERMINAL and enter POSEIDON ENERGY.

Poseidon Energy (Interior)

1. Inside, head down the stairs into the room in front, then take the Southern doorway out of the room.

2. Eliminate/Loot enemies and once in the next room, take the left corridor (North’ish) that connects these 2 rooms and you will see a Turret. Immediately upon entering the joining room, turn left (West’ish) and grab the TESLA SCIENCE MAG and ENDURANCE BOBBLEHEAD of the desk.


3. Loot the room and head straight back outside to the roof by retracing your steps.

4. Once outside, warp to DCM, sell your unwanted gear, stock up then warp to SANCTUARY.


1. Deposit your Aid/Junk then warp back to POSEIDON ENERGY.

You should have maxed out Pipers affinity by now and have Dogmeat as a companion enabling the Lone Wanderer Perk. If still not maxed, keep Piper until affinity is maxed, shouldn’t be far off now.

Poseidon Energy (outside)

1. Head North towards the structure in the distance with a Rocket Shaped Sign above it.

2. Stay on land as you make your way around to the North structure and you will eventually come to ATOM CATS GARAGE.

Atom Cats Garage

1. Enter the main building within the Garage where most the Settlers are. Inside you will see a slightly raised Wrecked Car, grab the UNARMED BOBBLEHEAD of the bonnet.

2. At the back of the Garage, NE side is a Caravan, HACK the NOVICE TERMINAL inside and grab the HOT RODDER MAG of the Table.

3. From here, head West passing through NEPONSET PARK and HYDE PARK.

4. Shortly after HYDE PARK, you should see a building in the distance with a Radio Mast on top (will be a Electric Pylon symbol on the compass). Head to this building which is GUNNERS PLAZA.

Gunners Plaza

1. Eliminate the enemies, but be very weary of the Missile Launcher/Fat Man wielding enemy on the roof. Use the roof of the building for cover near the entrances and try not to move out in to the open to avoid being hit with missiles (you can kill these enemies shortly when we climb to the roof).

2. Climb the stairs on the Westside of the building up to the roof. Despatch/Loot the enemies up here, then enter the Elevator at the base of the Mast.

Gunners Plaza (Interior)

1. Quickly explore the Basement keeping track of what path leads where. Make sure you HACK the NOVICE TERMINAL in the SE room. DO NOT leave this area until you have defeated ‘Ryder’ and looted him for the CNN RECORDING ROOM KEY. Ryder can usually be found in a room slightly above you, just follow the overhead catwalk around till you find some stairs which will lead up to him.

2. Now enter the NE Elevator (not the initial Elevator you used) and use it to reach the higher floors.

3. Once you exit the Elevator, walk to the wall in front, then head right and take your next (almost immediate) Left, the double doors straight ahead of you lead to the BOBBLEHEAD.

4. Dispatch/Loot any nearby enemies and then enter the double doors (CNN RECORDING ROOM) using the KEY you looted earlier from Ryder. Kill/Loot the enemies inside and then grab the SMALL GUNS BOBBLEHEAD from the desk.

5. Now from this room, head East and you will eventually come to a large open room with a Large Globe in the center. HACK the NOVICE TERMINAL in the SE desked area of this room and then continue East and exit the building through either of the doors.

Gunners Plaza (outside)

1. Now head to the NE side of the building. From here, head East and once in the Marshland area, scan the SE area in front of you until you spot the Behemoth lurking about, then Kill it!!

2. Now, if required, warp to DCM to Sell/Stock up, and then warp to SANCTUARY afterwards to deposit any gear if you need to or even to Recruit Dogmeat if you haven’t already done so but now have Piper at max Affinity.

3. As soon as your ready, warp to GREENTOP NURSERY.

Greentop Nursery

1. Head to the exterior South corner of the main building here and from this corner head directly West.

2. You will shortly enter a Residential area and come to a Basketball Court on your left. Once your beside the Basketball Court, turn and head South to the building on the other side (southside) of the Basketball Court, MAIDEN MIDDLE SCHOOL.

3. Move around to the Southside of this building and enter through the damaged wall. Push forward and enter the Cell area and then enter the door down the stairs to enter VAULT 75.

Vault 75

1. Follow the path all the way to the Elevator killing/looting enemies as you go.

  • Quest Begins: VAULT 75

2. Once out the Lift, explore the area looting any Crates/Bags etc if you wish as you head to the Combat Simulator Area at the end of the pathway.

3. In the Combat Simulator Area will be a building with a Diner sign on it. Enter the top floor of the Diner and loot the VAULT 75 ACCESS CARD from the Gunner Commander corpse, kill him if he’s alive.

Examining readers near locked doors, may provide you with a QM for the ACCESS CARD for that door, thus making it easier to locate.

4. Now use the ACCESS CARD to enter the locked door at the top of the stairs you just recently came down. Once you’ve entered through this door, examine the South Door READER for a QM and then take the North door route heading up the stairs.

5. Once you reach a large area that has a platform with a Glass Floor and a few branching paths, head straight West and you will eventually come to the SCIENCE BOBBLEHEAD sitting on a desk beneath a window. Grab this and the VAULT 75 ADMIN ACCESS CARD of the nearby enemy and then retrace your steps to that earlier locked door.

6. Open the door with the ADMIN ACCESS CARD and follow the path around all the way up to the Overseers Office. PICK the locked door in here and collect the GROGNAK THE BARBARIAN MAG from the bed. Now PICK & Loot the SAFE at the back of the Office and interact with the TERMINAL to complete the Quest.

  • Quest completed: VAULT 75

7. Now select the [UNLIKELY VALENTINE] Quest to direct you to your way out and then exit the VAULT back outside.

8. Once outside, deselect [UNLIKELY VALENTINE] and warp to DCM/SANCTUARY if you need to for your usual stuff and once all done, warp to CABOT HOUSE.

Cabot House

1. If you were lucky enough to find Edward Deegan earlier in the guide and activated the Quest [SPECIAL DELIVERY], then select this Quest.

2. Now use the Intercom beside the entrance SBCs and then enter the House.

Use the Intercom and QS. You need to persuade him to let you in by selecting the top persuasive Choice. Reload your QS until your persuasion attempt is successful and then enter the House.

3. Now either way, once in the House talk to Jack Cabot SBCs and then talk to Edward SBCs.

  • Quest Begins: SPECIAL DELIVERY (if not acquired earlier in the game)

4. Make sure [SPECIAL DELIVERY] is the only Quest selected and once prompted with the next objective, exit the House and warp to SAUGUS IRONWORKS.

Saugus Ironworks

1. Head North to the QM, passing through THE SLOG along the way.

2. Once at PARSONS INSANE STATE ASYLUM, talk to Maria SBCs outside at the QM.

3. Once prompted, head around the building and North to PARSONS CREAMERY at the QM. Kill/loot the enemies inside making sure you grab the MYSTERIOUS SERUM from the Marked enemy and then warp back to CABOT HOUSE.

Cabot House

1. Enter the house and talk to Edward SBCs, but QS just before, reload to trigger IS.

  • Quest Completed: SPECIAL DELIVERY

2. Keep talking to Edward SBCs telling him you ‘will find Emogene’. Now exit CABOT HOUSE and warp to GOODNEIGHBOR.


1. Enter the ‘Third Rail’ at the QM. Head forward down the stairs and talk to ‘Whitechapel Charlie’ behind the Bar in the Bar area.

2. Ask him about Emogene Cabot (top choice), then talk to ‘Magnolia’ the singer SBCs but ask about Emogene Cabot when the choice becomes available. After asking about Emogene, keep SBCs and then head back outside once prompted.

3. Now exit GOODNEIGHBOR through the entrance at the QM.

Goodneighbor (outside)

1. Outside, move slightly North past the building in front and then head directly West once able to all the way to the River.

2. Once you reach the River, follow the river bank all the way to the CHARLES VIEW AMPITHEATRE at the QM.

3. Talk to Brother Thomas here and ask about Emogene Cabot, followed by the bottom choice. On the 3rd dialogue option, QS and then select bottom choice ‘Friend Of The Family’, reload QS until you successfully persuade. Now he will take you to Emogene and he will unlock the door for you.

4. Talk to Emogene inside SBCs and then warp back to CABOT HOUSE.

Cabot House

1. Enter the House and talk to Jack inside, tell him that you found Emogene and then agree to the next Quest.

2. Before you leave, ascend the stairs to the next floor and HACK the EXPERT TERMINAL in the bedroom. Then head up to the top floor and HACK the MASTER TERMINAL here as well as grabbing the MASSACHUSETTS SURGICAL JOURNAL MAG in the rooms.

3. Now exit and warp to PARSONS INSANE STATE ASYLUM.

Parsons State Insane Asylum

1. Wait for Jack to arrive (QM) and then follow him into the ASYLUM, using the ‘Parsons State Administration’ door.

2. Take the left door once inside and follow the route around to Edward at the QM, killing enemies, and looting enemies/boxes along the way. Once you reach Edward, grab the CHARISMA BOBBLEHEAD from the desk nearby.

3. Now select Misc Quest [INVESTIGATE PICKMAN GALLERY] and deselect you current Quest. Head back outside (we were only here for the BOBBLEHEAD) and warp to OLD NORTH CHURCH.

Old North Church

1. Head directly to the QM and once you come to a building, follow the building around to the right as you need to approach the QM from the North.

2. Kill/Loot the enemies as you navigate around the building to the QM and then enter the door into PICKMANS GALLERY.

Pickmans Gallery (interior)

1. Loot the QM body when inside to complete the current objective, then deselect this Quest as we’re not finished in here yet.

2. Make your way to the Southern room behind the stairs and inside you will find a MASTER DOOR. If your not feeling confident with this LOCK, QS just in case then PICK it and follow the path into the Sewer Area.

3. Make your way through this area quickly dispatching enemies and looting Crates/Boxes and eventually you will come to an opening where you will see Pickman below surrounded by 3 enemies.

4. Drop down here, Kill the enemies and then loot the area making sure you grab the ASTOUNDINGLY AWESOME TALES MAG on the floor in front of the Green Chest and the LOCKPOICKING BOBBLEHEAD on the floor beside the Fire Bin. Then Talk to Pickman SBCs to receive PICKMANS KEY.

  • Quest Begins: PICKMANS GIFT

5. Make sure the above Quest is selected and then leave through the nearby rear exit.

6. Make your way back to ground level and then enter PICKMANS GALLERY again through the original entrance. Examine the Picture inside at the QM then open it using PICKMANS KEY and loot its contents.

Quest Completed: PICKMANS GIFT

Now select [INVESTIGATE PICKMAN GALLERY] once more, exit back outside and then warp to GOODNEIGHBOR.


1. Talk to Hancock at the QM to hand the Quest in.


2. Now Sell any unwanted WEAPONS/GEAR/AMMO to KL-E-O/Daisy here and stock up on 10mm. This will be the last time you visit Vendors to sell items, from now on you will only visit Vendors to stock up on 10mm when needed. You should have more than enough CAPS by now to carry you through the game.

3. Once done, warp to SANCTUARY.

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