Easy Way To Get 100 Happiness In A Settlement

100 Happiness In A Settlement

This trophy has been one of the biggest headaches I have had in quite a while. The rules that contribute to happiness are quite vague and no one really knows what you need to do to get this. A lot of the guides I have seen require you to spend a fortune on a large settlement with 20 settlers, but I have found that this is most definitely not the case. There is no requirement here to have a large settlement, even though the achievement/trophy description says that you must. I was able to get the happiness of my settlement to rise from 20% to 100% in only a few hours, with very little effort and most importantly, very few resources spent. Here is exactly what I did to get 100 Happiness in a settlement very easily.

Pick a Small Settlement

The main rule here is not to use Sanctuary Hills. There are too many bad settlers here that will screw it up. This is best achieved in a small settlement that has no settlers at it. The Red Rocket Gas station just outside Sanctuary Hills is perfect for this as you can quickly run back to Sanctuary hills if you need to get any settlers or supplies. You can use any small settlement so it is fully up to you.

Travel to a settlement that already has settlers in it. For me I already had 20 settlers in sanctuary hills, so I went here. Find 6 settlers that do not have names. By this I mean, when you are in workshop mode an highlight the settler, their name is just “Settler”. When you find a settler like this, press Square (or whatever button you have mapped) to move the settler and select whatever settlement you are currently working on. Repeat this to send a total of 6 settlers to the new settlement. Do not send any more than 6.

Finally, you need to find one last settler to set up a supply line. This will give your new settlement access to all the junk you have at your current primary settlement. Make sure you do this at your primary settlement (Sanctuary hills for me) and not at the settlement you are trying to get 100 happiness at. Once this is done you can head to the new settlement and get to work.

Food, Water, And Beds

You will need a total of 6 food, 6 water, and 6 beds to get 100 happiness. 1 of each item for all 6 of your settlers. To do this you need to use Mutfruits as these are the only item of food that generates +1 (the rest generate +0.5). Once you have created 6 of these Mutfruit trees, assign one settler to look after them. 1 settler can look after all 6 trees, so this is all you need to do for food.

To get water simply build the basic water pumps. 3 of these will be enough to generate 9 water which is more than enough for your settlement to thrive on.

You don’t need to build a particular type of bed. As long as there are 6 beds showing up in the stats for the settlement, the settlers will be happy. I built 7 beds because you will be needing a bed to sleep in once everything has been set up.


There is no requirement for power in order to obtain 100 happiness in a settlement. Use generators if you need them, but they are not required.


The total here is a bit sketchy. No one really knows what the requirement is. The general rule is that defense needs to be settlers+food+water. This means for us the total must be 6+6+9 = 21. I had a massive amount of supplies horded up so I built enough basic turrets to generate 60 defense. The reason for this is you settlement will get attacked and you don’t want anyone to die or do anything that will slow down or decrease the happiness. There is no such thing as too much defense, so built whatever you want so long as your settlement stays safe and sticks to the rule stated above.


Stores are the final requirement to get 100 happiness in a settlement and are unfortunately the most expensive. You will need to have some perks for this and around 12000 caps which make it a serious pain to sort out if you do not have the supplies. You will need to get the following 2 perks “Local Leader Rank 2” and “Medic Rank 1”. These 2 perks will enable you to construct a level 3 clinic. Clinics generate happiness and without them you will not be able to make it up to 100.

Once you have gathered the supplies, build 5 clinics and assign the 5 free settlers to work at them. You should now have 5 clinics with a settler working at each one and will have a final settler working on the Mutfruit trees. This is everything you need to prepare. All you must do now is wait!

Waiting For 100 Happiness

This is the most boring part of getting this trophy/achievement. Once you have everything set up you are going to have to wait around for the happiness to go up. Sometimes this goes quickly and sometimes it goes a bit slower. Through a lot of trial and error, I was able to find the best way to get 100 happiness in a settlement. This method will use the 7th bed that you created earlier.

Happiness seems to be time-related. A certain amount of in-game time must pass before the happiness will go up. In order to get past this we need to sleep for 48 hours and then wait for the happiness to go up, then sleep again for 48 hours! If you keep doing this over and over it will quickly raise the happiness of the settlement. I ran some tests and it seems to take an average of around 4 minutes after you wake up for the happiness to go up. So all you need to do here is sleep for 24 hours, 2 times in a row to count for a total of 48 hours. After i went to sleep I used a timer to count how long it took for the happiness stat to go up and here are the results. The settlement started at 20% and was on 37% by the time I began the process of sleeping and waiting.

The Result – How to get 100 Happiness in a settlement quickly

37 -> 50 = 3min 41 seconds

50 -> 60 = 4min 50 seconds

60 -> 68 = 4min 10 seconds

68 -> 75 = 4 min 48 seconds

75 -> 80 = 2 minutes 56 seconds

80 -> 84 = 4 minutes 38 seconds

84 -> 88 = 5 minutes 23  seconds ( I got sick of timing after this, but you get the idea)

There you have it, this is a really short amount of time when compared to all of the other guides I have come across. I did not need a large settlement and didn’t need to spend weeks building 15 stores. This is the quickest way to get 100 happiness in a settlement and it is very cheap and easy to do (relatively speaking of course). If anyone has any suggested improvements, be sure to post them in the comments section below.


  1. Brilliant article, very well written!! I was tearing out my hair trying to reach 100% happiness just to obtain the trophy. Highest I got to was 87% with a red down arrow; V frustrating! Anyways, I decided to set up shop at the Red Rocket rest stop and managed to get 100% happiness by following this guide. Not gonna lie; the last 4-5% was very slow to achieve but I persevered and got there! Thank you so much once again for this guide. I tried others but they didn’t work, which was really starting to annoy me. Glad I came across this website. You’re a ledge!

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