How Do You Kill Guardians In Breath of the Wild?

I have been seeing a lot of these guys running around the place. Nothing I throw at them seems to work. I have used loads of explosive arrows and they usually end up killing me before I can make any sort of impact on their health. How do you kill the guardians? I there a better way to kill the ones that can move?

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Killing them is something you need to save for later on in the game. The beam they shoot at you does a considerable amount of damage if it hits you. Having the Ancient Armor set will significantly help and you can also parry the beam attack with your shield to bounce the attack back at them.

The best method to kill Guardians is to use ancient arrows. 1 ancient arrow directly into the eye of the guardian will kill it in one go. The downside is these arrows cost 90 Rupees a pop and also require some ancient machine parts.

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