Akkala Tower And Citadel Ruins Guide

Akkala Tower

Akkala tower is the most difficult of all of the Sheikah towers In Breath of the wild. The difficulty for it comes in two areas. The first problem is reaching the bottom of the tower. You are in for a fairly long climb up the mountain with some tough enemies in order to just get to the Akkala Citadel Ruins. Once here, you need to figure out how to get through these ruins. This guide will show you how to get to the top of Akkala Tower in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Reaching Akkala Citadel Ruins

The tower is in the Akkala region of the map. To get to the ruins you need to climb up a large mountain, or if you are able to manage it, glide over from a higher point. Without Revalis Gale, this is quite tricky compared to the other Sheikah towers. If you are already at the ruins, you can skip down to the next point.

flying guardian at Akkala Tower
The flying guardian enemies will give you some trouble as you climb the mountain to Akkala Tower.

Getting up the mountain is a fairly clear path but there are lots of the helicopter guardians flying around. If you have encountered these before, you know they are very aggressive and hard to escape when they track you. Climbing up large portions of the mountain to skip them is your best bet. If you have lots of ancient arrows to spare, you could try taking them out. The resulting scrap you get from them will be useful later on in the game for creating ancient armor and weapons.

How to get to the top of Akkala Tower

The painful journey to the bottom of the tower is complete, now you need to figure out how to actually find a point at which you can climb. The ruins and the area around the base is covered with Malice (the red and black liquid). Like always, use Revalis gale to bypass all of the troublesome areas. For those who don’t have it, make your way to the entrance of the citadel and follow the rest of the guide to get through.

akkala tower entrance
Entrance to the citadel ruins at Akkala Tower can be tricky. Look for the eye.

You will notice an eye inside the door. Destroy this eye and he will drop a metal door onto the ground below him, or her, who knows what the gender of these eyes is. Use the magnet tool and you will see there is an iron door inside that you can use to make a bridge to get across to the inside. Once inside, you will need to take this door with you as it is going to be critical for you yo use to get across to the base of the tower.

Getting to the base of the Tower

From here the rest of it is fairly easy to follow as there isn’t really any way to get lost. Generally, there is only one way forward with plenty of enemies to kill and lots of malice to try and dodge. It is best to clear out as many of the enemies as possible before attempting to bring the door along with you.

Assuming there are no more enemies, go to the place where you entered and collect the door. Go forward and then left to jump on the first platform with red carpet. Directly behind you is a ledge. Throw the door up there and climb up to it. Take the door again and walk up the next set of steps. There will be a ledge leading to the tower on the left. Use the door to act as a bridge to the other side and it will protect you from the goo. You can then jump across to the tower and climb up to the top.

getting to the base of akkala tower
You can use the large metal beam to make a bridge from the final platform that will allow you to climb over to the top of Akkala tower

If you are having trouble here, this video will show you how to get through the Citadel ruins and make your way to the top of Akkala Tower. It gives you a great strategy to get through the section of the mountain at the start. The citadel section is also covered in great detail that will let you find all of the valuable loot while also avoiding death from all of the obstacles.

Once you have climbed to the top of the tower, you will have the teleportation point. This prevents you from having to climb this again. It makes for a great gliding location as it gives you a high point for the entire region. When you do jump, just make sure you do not fall into sludge below! If anyone has a better method for climbing the tower, please post it. I can replace this video with a better one if someone has it.

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