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When I'm not at work or with friends, you'll find me immersed in the world of gaming. I'm all about that adrenaline rush in competitive FPS games and the satisfaction of completing tough challenges. Let's share our gaming stories!


Escaping the secret corp power station?
[Nobody Saves the World] - How do you escape the secret corp power station after looting the chest? View Answer
Can't print officer Briggs photo?
[Robocop: Rogue City] - I cant select the option to print off a picture of officer briggs on the computer View Answer
How to eavesdrop on the guards during follow Nur's lead quest?
[Assassin's Creed Mirage] - How are you supposed to listen in on the guards conversation to discover Ali's whereabouts? View Answer
How do you get inside the Purah Pad Lab In Hateno Village?
[The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom] - How are you supposed to get inside the research labratory in Hateno village for the professor robbie in order to get the sensor upgrade for the purah pad? View Answer
Stuck helping Robbie test the shrine sensor?
[The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom] - I am stuck trying to help Robbie test the shrine sensor in Tears of the Kingdom. What are you supposed to do? View Answer
Find the moonstone how to open moth door
[Hogwarts Legacy] - I have placed both moths into the mechanism but the door won't open. View Answer
How To Get Past Demons After Getting Cloak
[Hogwarts Legacy] - How are you supposed to sneak past all of the cloaked demons after picking up the invisibility cloak while on a quest for Niamh Fitzgerald in Hogwarts Legacy View Answer
Where Is Isko Rabe's Wand?
[Hogwarts Legacy] - Where can i find the missing wand for Isko Rabe while he locked in the jail cell. View Answer
How to open Krogen tank
[Mass Effect 2] - Where do you go to activate the Krogen for the dr.okeer legacy quest? View Answer
Is The Dawning Event Pass Worth It?
[Destiny 2] - Is the dawning event pass worth spending money on? It seems kinda expensive, has anyone paid for it? View Answer
What Does Vitality Do?
[God of War Ragnarök] - What does the vitality stat do when you increase it in God of War Ragnarok. So many items increase it but I am not sure what the benefit is. View Answer
What does "Bring Mods" mean for fireteam listings?
[Destiny 2] - What does it mean when people say bring mods when looking for players to join a fireteam? View Answer


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im frend Tweet From PlayStation Not Met With Love

im frend Tweet From PlayStation Not Met With Love

The recent uproar over the requirement to link PSN to Helldivers 2 on PC has not gone down well and after quite a lot of…


Helldivers 2 Game Wiki

Helldivers 2 Game Wiki

Helldivers 2 for PC and PS5 is a thrilling co-op third-person shooter (TPP) and the sequel to the original Helldivers game from 2015. Developed by…

Fallout 4 Game Wiki

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Maono Maonocaster G1 NEO & PD100X Bundle

Maono Maonocaster G1 NEO & PD100X Bundle

Maono have spent the past few years doing an incredible job at providing affordable streaming equipment that still delivers quality sound. The Maono PD100X &…

South Park: Snow Day

Rise Of The Ronin

Helldivers 2

One More Dungeon 2


If God Of War Was a 1990s 8-bit Adventure

If God Of War Was a 1990s 8-bit Adventure

Welcome to a visual journey into an alternative past, where pixels are king and audio fidelity is still a dream on the horizon. This image…