Breath of The Wild Recipe Buffs Guide

Depending on the ingredients you add to any recipe, you will get some sort of a buff from it. For example, using a Chilly Melon will create a food dish that grants Link a resistance to the hot desert and any other hot area. Some of the buffs will be obvious based on what they are, but others may not be so clear. There is actually a very useful index that will help you understand what buff you will get from the food based on the name. The key is always the first word. “Chilly” watermelon will grant a buff that keeps you cold. “Spicy” pepper will make you warm so you can handle the cold etc. The list below will show all of the food prefixes and the buff they provide.

When cooking any recipe, you need to know that you can’t combine buffs. Cooking a Chilly item and a Spicy item, will not generate a meal that will give you a resistance to the cold and the heat. Always use 1 single buff item in a recipe to make sure you don’t go wasting anything.

ChillyResistance To Heat
EnduringExtra Stamina
EnergizingRestores Stamina
ElectroResistance To Shock
FireproofFlame Guard
HastyIncrease Movement Speed
HeartyRestores Full Health
MightyBuffs Attack
SneakyBuffs Stealth
ToughBuffs Defense
SpicyResistance To Cold
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