Wood Farming Guide

wood farming fallout 76

Wood is a core material that you will need to use a lot in Fallout 76. It is used in the vast majority of buildings for your CAMP but it is also used for creating food and freshwater, assuming you do not yet have a water purifier. This is why it is essential that you know how to get wood and get it in large quantities. 

For new players, who have yet to explore the map and do not have the means to explore it fully, you will need to rely on the more basic scavenging techniques to obtain wood. The methods I list below will work for players of all levels. I would suggest you try to get a good weapon at least before you go off exploring. 

The Basic Way To Obtain Wood

This isn’t a farming method, this is simply the most basic way for a brand new, level 1 player to obtain wood in Fallout 76. It is not a good method but when you start off, it is the only method. If you are wondering how to find wood, then you need only to look at the ground in the forest area for fallen trees. Hover the cursor over them and you should be able to harvest the wood from them assuming you or another player has not already done so. 

Use The Woodchucker Perk Card

This is not essential, but it is beneficial. Much like how the green fingers perk will give you double items you harvest from plants, the woodchucker perk card, which is under the Luck SPECIAL, will give you double the amount of wood you collect. This should massively increase the efficiency of your lumber harvesting in this game. 

Look Out For Chopped Wood Stacks

These are the best way to really get wood and the locations I listed below are going to be taking advantage of this. Sometimes around the back of houses or various camps will have a stack of chopped logs. Most of these stacks contain two or three lootable instances of wood. Depending on the stack size, you could find more wood here than you would searching through the woods for 15 minutes. 

stacks of chopped wood
Large stacks of chopped timber are a great source of timber. For ever 3 or 4 pieces in the pile, you can collect several pieces of scrap wood for crafting

Best Locations To Farm Wood In Fallout 76

There are lots of locations and if you find one that is not listed below where you have found stacks of wood for crafting, please leave a comment below to share the information with others. The video guide below will show you a couple of the best locations with more detailed instructions on how to get there and where to find the stacks of chopped timber. You can view a quick reference to these and some additional locations below it. 

Sylvie & Sons Logging Camp

This can be a bit of a dangerous trek for very low-level players as it is quite a long walk from any locations in the forest that you may have visited. Regardless, it is worth the walk if you feel up to the task. You will discover a few locations along the way and have a handy fast travel spot in the future. 

This is a logging camp, so it is a natural assumption to make that this place is loaded with timber, and it is! You would find countless stacks of wood around here to pick up. None of it is hard to find so this is a location for some easy pickings. 

best farming location for wood
Sylvie & Sons Logging Camp is the best location on the map for farming wood in Fallout 76. With a huge amount of wood available in stacks all over the area.


The ultimate location for a new player starting out. Helvetia is a small town very close to the starting location of the game. There is a yellow house near the bridge over the river that has a little wood chopping hut outside. Inside this hut you will find one of the biggest stacks of timber, you can find.

Picketts Fort

Quite a bit north on the map, another long trek if you are still in the early stages of the game. The quantity of wood is not as high as the logging camp but it is still an essential location for wood farming if you want to avoid server hopping. 

If you look around the outside of buildings you should find a large stack of timber up next to a hit. You will also find a nice size stack inside the smithing hut.

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