Wasteland Tower Guide

wasteland tower

Wasteland tower is one of the few puzzle Sheikah towers that is actually fun to try and solve. The base of the tower is completely surrounded by quicksand, making it difficult to get to the tower. The upside of this is that there are no enemies in the area. This allows you to actually enjoy the process of trying to solve the puzzle and climb to the top.

The wasteland tower is located near the Gerudo desert region. Depending on how you progress with the story, you may notice one of the Divine Beasts sitting right next to it. It may be how you actually discover it in the first place. If you want to get to this tower early, check out the map below and it will highlight where to find it. The tower is high up in the mountains so it may be a tough one to find naturally. Climbing high into the rocks is the only option you have.

Wasteland Tower location
The wasteland tower is located in the mountains above the gerudo desert. It can be hard to see from ground level due to the rocks blocking it.

This might seem hard at first, but there are two ways to go about solving this. You can use the ice tool to generate platforms for which you can walk on. Or you can use the magnet tool to pull magnetic blocks out of the sludge and make a path using them. The ice method is probably the easiest.

Wasteland tower water pools and rocks
Hopping along these three stone posts is the easiest way to get over to the tower

The three large rock posts will clearly show the way over to the Wasteland Tower. You will need to hop along these to climb the tower. Go to the shore as close as possible to the smallest post and start using ice blocks to make your way over. Once you are there, climb up the post and you should be easily able to hop along them to get over to the main tower.

If you need further help, check out the video guide below. It will show you in detail how to get across the water pool at the base of the tower. How to climb the rocks and get over to the base so you can begin climbing to the top.

As always, a very useful shortcut here would be to use Revalis Gale from the higher rocks near the shore. It will give you enough height to dodge the water.

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