Woodland Tower

Woodland tower

Climbing to the top of the Woodland Tower in Breath of the Wild may seem easy when you look at it from a distance. It is easy If you glide in, but not so much if you need to do it on foot. The Bobokins in the area may be easy to kill but when they are in higher numbers and have arrows, you will quickly find yourself in trouble. Combine this with all of the quicksand nearby and you will be in some difficulty very fast.

The woodland tower is found next to the lost woods and is a valuable teleportation point to have for various reasons. If you do not know, there is a very valuable sword in these woods. A sword that is difficult to find and harder to actually take once you find it. It is well worth having so, this is one of the most important Sheikah towers. Check out the map below if you need help with finding its exact location.

Where to find woodland tower
Location of the Woodland Sheikah Tower In Breath of The Wild

Once you get here you will be greeted by some Bobokins who will get up to their usual antics. The quicksand surrounding the base of the tower is going to be the part that makes it hard. Falling off the platforms can make things difficult for you. The best method for this is to try and run past them all as quickly as possible.

An alternative is to make your way to the mountains nearby and glide over. This will get you up high enough to avoid the enemies and maybe even avoid detection. The video guide below will show you this strategy.

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