Hateno Sheikah Tower Guide

Hateno Sheikah Tower

The Hateno Sheikah Tower is one of the first towers you will encounter that contains an obstacle. Climbing to the top of this tower is still fairly easy as the thorns do not completely block the way up. The main difficulty is getting through the enemies near the base of the tower and actually getting to a location where you can begin to climb. The thorns and brambles do a lot to block your way forward.

Getting past the thorns is fairly simple. There is a path to get up there without you needing anything special to help. Having Revalis Gale will, of course, make this a lot easier. Once you get to the base of the tower, it is just a matter of following the path defined by the thorns in order to get to the very top.

Thorns below Hateno Sheikah Tower
Thorns below Hateno Sheikah Tower will block the way up from certain angles.

You may skip past this tower by accident and only spot it when you make it to the research center on top of the hill. Once you spot it, it is worth heading over. Just make sure you have some gear to fight the enemies at the bottom. Just some basic Bobokins, so you will get by with a basic sword and shield. Check out the map below and it will show you the location of the Sheikah tower in Hateno.

Hateno Tower location
Location of Hateno Tower in Breath of the Wild

If you are having trouble getting to the top of this tower, this video guide will show the route that you need to take in order to bypass the thorns and reach the tip of the tower.

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