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Wasteland Tower Guide

Wasteland tower is one of the few puzzle Sheikah towers that is actually fun to try and solve. The base of the tower is completely surrounded by quicksand, making it difficult to get to the tower. The upside of this...
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Tabantha Tower Guide

What may seem like a fairly easy tower from a distance, Tabantha tower has a nasty malice infestation at the bottom that will present a challenge for you getting to the top. The bottom of the tower is completely covered...
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Akkala Tower And Citadel Ruins Guide

Akkala tower is the most difficult of all of the Sheikah towers In Breath of the wild. The difficulty for it comes in two areas. The first problem is reaching the bottom of the tower. You are in for a...
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Hateno Sheikah Tower Guide

The Hateno Sheikah Tower is one of the first towers you will encounter that contains an obstacle. Climbing to the top of this tower is still fairly easy as the thorns do not completely block the way up. The main...
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Crossing the Tar Belt to Edge Knot City

For those who have played games from the Metal Gear franchise, you will be familiar with Kojimas style of puzzles. Everything will follow a pattern and then suddenly you are completely stumped. Everything you have done will no longer work...
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Changing Locknes Mind At Mountain Knot

Once you arrive at Mountain Knot city you will discover that the woman in charge, Lockne, is very much against you and the UCA. She will not allow you to connect them to the Chiral network. Not sure why you...
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How To Follow Higgs To The Beach

You have been through a pretty cool boss fight and it looks like the game is over. The bad guy is gone and the world is saved! Well not yet, Higgs has decided to run off and you need to...
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Giant Bell Puzzle

As part of the skeleton / undead area of the map, you will come across an island that contains three large bells and a sign post where the text is missing. The solution isn’t as hard as it might seem,...
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Flower that Glows in the Dark

Up in the ice levels you will come across a weird structure made of stone that accepts an item from your inventory. The message on the sign post that will tell you to insert a flower that glows in the...
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Ancient Puzzle Solution

If you have entered this room and gave up because you think you need an item you havn’t found yet, then you are not alone. This puzzle is not that easy to solve without some help or a lot of...


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