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Faron Tower

Faron Tower Guide

Faron tower is located in the jungle region of the game. Climbing to the top of this tower is fairly simple. There are plenty...
Lake Tower

Lake Tower Guide

Lake tower is going to be easy or hard, depending on how well you deal with Poe's. They have the magic wand weapons and...
Central Tower

Central Tower Guide

Central Tower is not a tower you can rush into at an early stage of the game. You have have encountered a guardian already...
Gerudo Tower

Gerudo Tower Guide

Gerudo Tower is the tallest tower in the game and is one of the more confusing ones to figure out when you first get...
Wasteland Tower

Wasteland Tower Guide

Wasteland tower is one of the few puzzle Sheikah towers that is actually fun to try and solve. The base of the tower is...
Ridgeland Tower

Ridgeland Tower Guide

Of all the towers in the game, this one is probably the most challenging from a combat difficulty level. The way to the top...
Tabantha Tower

Tabantha Tower Guide

What may seem like a fairly easy tower from a distance, Tabantha tower has a nasty malice infestation at the bottom that will present...
Hebra Tower

Hebra Tower Guide

Hebra tower is one of the few Sheikah Towers in Breath of the Wild that is troublesome to climb until you have found the...
Woodland Tower

Woodland Tower

Climbing to the top of the Woodland Tower in Breath of the Wild may seem easy when you look at it from a distance....
Eldin Tower

Eldin Tower Guide

Eldin Tower is another easy Sheikah tower in Breath of the Wild that doesn't present any obstacles that get in the way of you...


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