How Long Does It Take For Revalis Gale To Recharge?

I use this a lot and it gets a bit annoying that it needs to be used three times before it begins to recharge. What is the exact amount of time it takes for Revalis gale to recharge once it has been used up? 

1 Answer

Dan Hastings

After you have used all 3 jumps it will take 6 mins for Revalis Gale to recharge. The recharge will only begin after you have used all 3 jumps. It is annoying that is has to be this way, but this is the only way you can trigger the power to recharge. If you need to use it for something important, its often a good idea to use up the remaining uses in order to trigger the recharge.

As with the other sage powers, if you purchase the DLC you can complete the flying divine beast for the second time. Once you do this it will reduce the time it takes to recharge. IF you open the main menu and check the sage powers in your inventory you can see the timer for how much time is left for the ability to recharge. 

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