Using Amiibo's In Breath of the Wild

amiibos in breath of the wild

Like a few past games in the Legend Of Zelda series, Breath Of The Wild supports the awesome Amiibo figures. For those unfamiliar with what they are, Amiibos are physical figures that contain a special chip inside. You can scan the Amiibo to unlock special things in a lot of Nintendo games. Breath of the Wild Amiibo support is no exception and is possibly one of the best games to support it. Here’s how it all works.

You must wait until you have completed the first 4 shrines in the game before you can use Amiibos. Once you have done this pause the game and go to the system tab and then options. You can enable Breath Of The Wild Amiibo support from here. This will add a new rune to your slate.

Note: Please check out the more up to date complete amiibo guide for BOTW here.

How To Use a The Amiibo Rune

This was not immediately obvious to me, so I thought it is worth explaining. As with any rune, press up on the d-pad and select the rune. Then press the left bumper button to use the rune. This will make Link hold the slate and it will glow yellow. If there is an x on the screen, it means you are in a place that does not allow the use of Amiibos. In most cases, anywhere outside should allow you to do it, inside is normally a no-no. Aim the rune at a point on the ground that is safe. By safe I mean, no cliff, water or anything that could destroy whatever you get from the Amiibo. Once you have a safe place, scan the Amiibo and your reward will fall from the sky. You can do this once a day.

To scan, simply place the amiibo figure or amiibo card over the right joycon and it will complete. For more, check out scanning amiibos on the Nintendo switch.

What Amiibos Does Breath Of a The Wild Support?

The game actually supports every single Amiibo there is. Scan any Amiibo, even if it’s from a non-Zelda game and you will still get a reward. Although, it won’t be as good as the reward from official Zelda Amiibos. The list below will show you what Amiibos give special rewards and what that reward is. You can also pick up a handy collection of Zelda amiibo cards to make this a lot cheaper and easier.

Smash Bros Link

This is likely the most popular Amiibo in the game because it gives you access to Links famous horse, Epona. The smash bros link Amiibo is the only way to get Epona in Breath Of The Wild.

Twilight Princess Wolf Link

Wolf Link came with the release of Twilight Princess so it may be one of the most common Amiibos. Scanning this will spawn wolf link to act as your companion and help you out in game. When he dies you can summon him again with the Amiibo.

Breath of the Wild Zelda

This is an official Breath of the Wild Amiibo and can be used to spawn a Hylian shield. This is the signature shield that Link always had in past games.

Breath of the Wild Archer Link

This will drop rare bow-type weapons along with some food and random crafting items.

Breath of the Wild Horse Rider Link

You will get a unique horse saddle and some food most of the time. There is a rare chance that you will get a rare weapon.

Wind Waker Link

You will get a bunch of fish and a chest that contain a random piece of gear or more rarely, contain the Wind Waker armor or the Sea Breeze boomerang.

Breath of the Wild Guardian

This will drop a chest that can contain rare weapons and items. Food and some other common items will also drop with this.

Breath of the Wild Bokoblin

This will drop a chest that usually contains a high end blunt weapon such as bokoblin clubs. Food will also drop with this Amiibo.

Smash Bros Ganondorf

Most of the time, this will drop a chest that contains a rare gem or some other crafting item inside. A rare drop can often contain a weapon called the Sword of the Six Sages.

Wind Waker Zelda

This will drop some plants and cooking supplies. A chest will also drop that contains a sheild which has a chance to be the Hero’s shield from Wind Waker.

8-Bit Link

This will drop a chest with a random weapon with a chance to drop the classic Link tunic as an outfit to use in game.

Smash Bros Zelda / Shiek

These will drop a bunch of cooking and crafting materials along witha a chest that can have a rare weapon and an even more rare chance of dropping the Sheik’s mask armor.

Ocarina of Time Link

You will get some raw meat and a chest that can contain the link costume from the Ocarina of Time games, the Goron sword or some other standard weapon.

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