Lake Tower Guide

Lake Tower

Lake tower is going to be easy or hard, depending on how well you deal with Poe’s. They have the magic wand weapons and can do quite a bit of damage. You will need to be quick with your bow to be able to deal with them. They are in high numbers in the area, making it difficult to get to the tower without interacting with them at some stage or other. You may be able to put your climbing skills to the test if you want to try and get around the other side of the tower. It is up to you.

The lake tower is another one that is on high ground and fairly easy to spot when you are in the region. The map below will give you the exact location of Lake tower in case you are having some trouble finding it.

Lake Tower Location
Lake Tower Location on the BOTW world map

The main strategy here would be to take the standard path to the tower. There will be plenty of enemies in the area, but you can take them all out, even if you only have the most basic of gear in your inventory. If you are having trouble here, this video guide will give you a decent walkthrough on how to climb to the top of the tower.

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