Gerudo Tower Guide

gerudo tower

Gerudo Tower is the tallest tower in the game and is one of the more confusing ones to figure out when you first get to it. The base of the tower stretches down into a very large hole in the ground. It is not possible to reach the bottom, you will die if you try to jump down. So how are you supposed to climb to the top of Gerudo Tower? There are a few different methods that I will outline below.

First things first, how do you get to the tower in the first place. The name might be a hint here. The tower is near the Gerudo desert. You will see it as you make your way toward the towns in this region. The map below will show you the exact location of the tower on the BOTW game map. Due to the massive size of it, you will spot this tower very easily as you look out into the mountains north of the desert area.

Gerudo Tower location
Location of the Gerudo Tower in Breath of the Wild. Head just north of the desert. You should be able to see it easily due to the massive height.

Method 1: The first method is probably the most logical one to use when you arrive. You will see there is a shack on the edge of the cliff with a sort of jetty going out over the chasm. You can run out here and glide over to the tower. This method works, but you may land quite low on the stem of the tower. If you are low on stamina, this might be a tough one to get up to the first safe space. The best chance of making this will be to use Revalis gale to give you a nice height boost. You could also use fire to generate a helpful updraft.

bridge to reach the gerudo tower
The building seen here has a small bridge that will help you get a good leap over to the tower.

Method 2: You can climb up higher in the mountains to the north or east of the tower will give you enough height to glide down and land on a point of the tower that gives you enough time to either climb straight to the top or take a rest on one of the platforms. It is possible, demonstrated in the video below that will show you can actually land on the top of the tower without even having to climb.

If you are still having difficulty reaching the top of this tower, check out this video. It shows a perfect spot at the top of the mountains that you can use to glide over. It takes quite a bit of time to get here if you are already close to the tower. In which case, try the first method and if this fails for you. Take the journey up the mountain to make the glide work.

Using Revalis Gale will give you a huge height burst from any location around the edge of the pit. Getting a decent grab on the tower will be simple with this.

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