Lead Farming Guide

lead farming fallout 76

Lead is a metal that is commonly used for blocking radiation. This property has also been extended into the world of Fallout 76. Lead can be used when crafting armor as a means to boost radiation resistance. This is a good reason to find lead but the number one reason, and likely the reason you are here is for crafting bullets. 

Lead can be used with gunpowder to create ammunition for various weapons. Later in the game, you will need to craft this more often as relying on enemies dropping enough to keep you stocked up is not going to work. This guide will show you the best methods you can use to find lead. 

Where To Find Lead In Fallout 76

Lead is found in a lot of items. The most common item you might find are tin cans but these are no the quickest way to obtain it. Weights are by far the best way to go about it. Check out the sections below for some great suggestions on how you can farm lots of lead super fast in Fallout 76.

Various Gyms For Weights

Weights are an unlikely source of lead since they are normally made from iron. In the Fallout universe, however, there are no health and safety things to worry about. Weights are a great source of lead and there are lots of gyms you can visit to farm this super easily. The video guide below will guide you through several gyms in the game and show you where to find lots of lead that you can scrap in order to produce lead. 

Lead Deposits Locations

There are multiple lead deposits that you can find across the map. You can use the Fallout 76 map to find them all. This map will show you some good places to relocate your camp to. Once you have a camp built near them, you will be able to extract lead from the ground, giving you an infinite source for no effort at all. Check back every hour for a nice stash of lead that you can add to your stash.

lead map locations
Lead can be extracted from deposits on the ground by using an extractor on top of it. Simply move your camp to the location and it will allow you to start gathering lead while you go off and explore the world.

Tin Can Traps

Tin can traps can be found in lots of survivor camps and in many super mutant camps too. They are hanging from the roof with a string. When you walk into them, they will make a jingle sound, alerting nearby enemies. If you are careful, you can disarm the trap. When you do this, you won’t make any noise but you will also have all of these tin cans added to your inventory.

There are normally 5 or 6 cans per trap which makes this a nice thing to look out for. I found while farming XP in Huntersville, I was able to come out with quite a lot of tin cans due to these traps and the fact that there were cans hanging around the area anyway. 

What Has Lead In Fallout 76

All of the items listed below can be scrapped at any workbench. Some of these items are quite common and if you collect enough of them as you are playing through the early stages of the game, you should find yourself with more than enough lead to last to produce plenty of bullets. 

Side Note: It is quite funny that the wooden blocks for children are a source of lead. Likely from the paint. 

  • .308 casing
  • .44 casing
  • .50 casing
  • 10lb weight
  • 10mm casing
  • 160lb barbell
  • 20lb dumbbell
  • 25lb weight
  • 40lb barbell
  • 5lb weight
  • 5mm casing
  • 80lb barbell
  • 80lb curlbar
  • Aluminum can
  • Baby rattle
  • Blue paint
  • Bulk lead
  • Can
  • Combination wrench
  • Energy cartridge
  • Energy cell
  • Ignition core
  • Lead scrap
  • Makeshift battery
  • Mr. Fuzzy pencil
  • New toy car
  • New toy truck
  • Paint can
  • Pencil
  • Rat poison
  • Red paint
  • Souvenir sloth toy
  • Souvenir toy car
  • Spooky Mr. Fuzzy pencil
  • Tin can
  • Toy alien
  • Toy car
  • Toy rocketship
  • Toy truck
  • Wooden block – B & Y
  • Wooden block – I & D
  • Wooden block – N & S
  • Wooden block – V & F
  • Yellow Mr. Fuzzy pencil
  • Yellow paint
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