Zelda Amiibo Cards With Amiibo Figure Names

zelda amiibo cards

For those who are looking to take advantage of all the awesome perks that come with scanning amiibo figures in games like Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom, you will need to set aside a very large chunk of cash and be prepared to spend a lot of time hunting these down over the internet. If you want to take a shortcut, you can head on over to Amazon and pick up a convenient set of Zelda amiibo cards that allow you to get all of the scanning perks of the NFC cards without the cost.

While the cards are incredibly useful and look to have some nice artwork at first glance, it quickly becomes clear that the art used for each card is quite odd and often ambiguous. I wondered “I’ve never seen this girl before” only to find its Link. The artwork might be nice but it’s not one bit accurate and it makes it hard to identify which amiibo is associated with each card. So I have decided to put together an article to help people out.

zelda amiibo cards

This is image covers the majority of the cards, likely came from the listing. The descriptions here are still not ideal though.

I have created a table below with a description of each of the cards and the actual amiibo that they translate to. One handy thing I discovered from creating the amiibo cards in the first place was the app called TagMo that will allow you to scan the amiibo cards and it will tell you what the actual card is. Using a handy label maker, I decided to put the names on any of the cards that were not obvious.

zelda amiibo cards with correct figure names
I have added labels to each of the zelda amiibo cards to show what each of the figures represents

What The Cards Drop

I have gone into much greater detail on what the Zelda amiibos drop in Breath of the Wild here. However, this handy post from Reddit shows these particular amiibo cards grouped by the different consumable items that they drop along with the chest.

what zelda amiibos drop

Why Do The Cards Look So Different From The Figures?

We know that Nintendo are incredibly protective of their intellectual property, often engaging in aggressive litigation against anyone attempting to profit from their work. If the original images of the amiibos were used on the cards, it would likely result in legal action and the items being taken off Amazon. So while it is a little annoying that we have to deal with the bad artwork, it is definitely better than nothing.

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