Flux Construct Boss Fight Tutorial

flux construct

As far as bosses go in Tears of the Kingdom, the Flux Construct is one of the more unusual ones in that it is not a creature or a monster. This is a Zonai machine that can be found in a couple of different locations in the sky islands in Tears of the Kingdom. If you are planning on taking one on, you will need to come up with a strategy as these guys are tricky and will also pack a punch.

There are three different stages to a Flux construct battle that it will cycle through each time you cause damage to it. All three stages revolve around the same weakness. The machine will have one cube that looks a lot different to the others. This is the weak cube. If you can pull it away from the body, it will cause the machine to break down and you can unleash some damage against that cube to hopefully kill it quickly.

Below you will find the different stages that the boss can go through. The order may be random but the way to kill him remains the same each time.

Stage 1: Robot-Like Structure

The first stage of the boss fight with the Flux Construct will have you fighting the same bi-pedal robot-style form that you likely saw from a distance when you first see it walking around the platform. There are a couple of different attacks that it uses that you will have to dodge. Most are easy to handle but one is tricky. All of the cubes will come flying toward you and the rest of the body will then fling forward, performing a heavy ground smash. This is your opening to damage him, assuming you dodge it.

How to damage the flux construct

When he smashes down on the ground, dodge or run to the side and you will see the unique style box on his back. There may also be a chest sitting next to it. Quickly pull out the ultrahand ability and rip the box off his back. When the box falls to the ground, attack it with your melee weapon to inflict as much damage as possible.

Stage 2: Flying Platform Flux Construct

The next stage will have a flat square platform that is floating in the sky. It will start shooting sets of five cubes at you, which can hit quite hard if you get hit by one. The trick here is to use the recall ability. You will need to run up to a cube that has fallen down and jump up onto it. When you are standing on it, use recall and it will bring you up to the floating platform.

using recall to find the flux construct weakness

Rip the cube from the platform and repeat the same process as before by dealing as much damage as possible to the cube.

Stage 3: Rolling Cube Stage

Pulling the cube away from the Flux construct in this stage is quite tricky since he rolls quite quickly and when it does pause, the box may not be visible. You can still do it and if you rip the cube off, you can do some damage again.

flux construct cube

One easy way to do damage during this stage is to use your bow. Try to get some air and when the weak cube is exposed whip out the bow and deal as much damage as possible. Try attaching the most powerful items you have to perform as much damage as possible.

Once you have depleted the Flux Constructs’ health, the battle will be over and you can loot all the goodies. The chest on its back may also include an old map to help you find some cool treasure in the underworld.

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