Guide To Heat Resistance

Guide To Heat Resistance

Going back to Ocarina of Time, we have seen Link’s need to adapt his clothing to suit the environment with the red and blue tunics that came with different benefits. Tears of the Kingdom have expanded upon this considerably. There are two levels of heat that will cause Link to take damage if he is not prepared for it. That is why it is important to understand how heat resistance works and how to obtain it.

This guide will cover three of the best methods, one that you may not have been aware of that will allow you to get heat resistance in Tears of the Kingdom. You may also want to check out our other guide for cold resistance in Tears of the Kingdom as there will be a similar need for this depending on where you are at in the game.

Certain Armor Will Give You Heat Resistance

There are lots of different armor and clothing sets in Tears of the Kingdom. These will all provide various benefits on top of the standard defence. One of these benefits can come in the form of heat resistance. Wearing one piece of armour with heat resistance will give you 1 tier of protection against hot areas of the game. Wearing two pieces will give you full protection against any form of heat in the game.

The easiest piece to find can be purchased for 500 rupees at the Bazar on the outskirts of the Gerudo desert. There is a vendor here who will sell you the headpiece of the Gerudo Voe outfit which should allow you to explore a decent amount of the region without needing additional heat protection.

gerudo headpiece

Cooking Recipes and Elixirs

Tears of the Kingdom allows you to get your hands dirty when it comes to cooking. There are lots of different recipes to cook that will give you a wide range of different perks and benefits. We have a comprehensive guide to cooking for Tears of the Kingdom but for this topic, we can focus on the particular recipes that will provide you with resistance against the hot temperatures.

  • Chill Elixir: Combine 1 Monster Part with either a Cold Darner or Winterwing Butterfly.
  • Recipe: Combine meat with a chill-shroom
  • Freeze meat in the mountains
  • Cook with any of these ingredients Chillfin Trout, Chillshroom Cold Darner, Cool Safflina, Hydromelon, Winterwing Butterfly.

Cold Sapphire Hack For Infinite Cooling

This is a really handy trick to know for heating and cooling in Tears of The Kingdom. If you drop a blue sapphire on the ground and then use the fused ability to combine it with any weapon, you will find that it turns into some kind of frost wand. The damage output is not important though, what is important is that having this item equipped will provide you with a significant cooling effect. This will give you the same benefit that equipping an additional piece of armor would. This can be very handy for those who may only have the single Gerudo piece of gear for heat resistance and nothing else.

The video linked above will show you the full process behind fusing the items together but if you are familiar with the system, it shouldn’t be too complicated. If you decide to use this, you will need to switch to another weapon while in combat to avoid degrading the weapon to the point where it breaks. This may result in you taking damage from the heat but if you are just exploring the area. Surveying the land and completing the shrines will be a lot less trouble with this and it will end up being really useful.

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