The Hidden Treasure at Lizard Lakes

hidden treasure at lizard lakes

This guide will cover the side quest “The Hidden Treasure” In Tears of the Kingdom. This quest will task you with finding some hidden treasure in the Elden region of Hyrule. You will be told that there is some treasure to be found near the Lizard Lakes. Here is where to find them.

The Lizard Lakes are not a named location but a visual one. If you search around the region to the west of Death Mountain, you will likely spot the two blue lizards within the brownish landscape in this region. The map below will show you exactly where to find these lakes.

lizard lakes

You need to find a nearby cave next to the lake on the left. So if you are to make your way to the lizard lake on the left, you will see a mountain range to the right. There should be a small cave opening on this cliff face that you need to go inside. The cave will be called the Lizards Burrow.

Head inside and you will see a chest on the far end of the cave. Make your way over to it and you will find a divine beast helmet inside that can also be unlocked with one of the Amiibo figures, that will give you flame resistance.

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