Best Ways To Earn Rupees In Tears of the Kingdom

easy rupees

Rupees are the currency used in all of the Zelda games since the dawn of the franchise. Coloured jewel-like stones are used for things like purchasing supplies to weapons and armour. In past games, it was common to max out your wallet very quickly and have little use for it. In Tears of the Kingdom, however, Rupees are tight and there are many many things for you to spend them on. So the question is, with all this great stuff to buy, how do you get more!?

That is where this guide comes into the mix. Having spent quite some time learning the ropes in Tears of the Kingdom, this guide has compiled a list of different methods that you can use to get a lot of Rupees quite easily. Chances are, many of you will already have the means to collect a lot of Rupees right away using the methods below.

Mining for Gems For High-Value Items

Mining is one of the most straightforward ways to earn Rupees. You can find ore deposits throughout the map, particularly in rocky or mountainous areas. Strike these deposits with a weapon or bomb to extract precious gems. These gems (like Opals, Sapphires, Rubies, and Diamonds) can be sold at any merchant for a good price. Here is what you can expect to get for each gem:

  • Amber: 30 Rupees
  • Opal: 60 Rupees
  • Luminous Stone: 70 Rupees
  • Topaz: 180 Rupees
  • Ruby: 210 Rupees
  • Sapphire: 260 Rupees
  • Diamond: 500 Rupees

Using the Infinite Diamond Glitch

This glitch is likely to be patched at some stage in the future and currently requires you are running version 1.1.1 of Tears of the Kingdom. I have a more detailed guide on this guide for unlimited Diamonds here. The video below will explain it in detail. The short version is that if you drop items while you are gliding, it will cause the items to be dropped on the ground without them being removed from your inventory, essentially giving you 4 free diamonds every time you perform this super simple glitch. Sell these diamonds for an incredibly simple method to get LOTS of Rupees.

Cooking and Selling Food For Easy Rupees

Cooking is not only essential for survival but also a profitable hobby in Tears of the Kingdom. You can sell cooked meals for much more than the sum of their parts. To maximize the profit, cook meals with five ingredients. For example, five apples cooked together will yield a Simmered Fruit dish that can be sold for 50 Rupees, a significant increase from the 15 Rupees you would get for selling five apples individually. Experiment with different combinations of ingredients to create valuable dishes. You can find a detailed guide on cooking recipes from Tears of the Kingdom here, but here are some common recipes that sell for a lot of Rupees.

  • Meat Skewer (made from 5 pieces of Raw Gourmet Meat): sells for 490 Rupees.
  • Seafood Paella (made from Porgy, Hearty Blueshell Snail, Hylian Rice, Goat Butter, Rock Salt): sells for 220 Rupees.
  • Elixir (made from Bokoblin Guts, Moblin Guts, and Monster Extract): sells for 230 Rupees.
  • Fried Wild Greens (made from 5 pieces of Big Hearty Radish): sells for 150 Rupees.
  • Copious Simmered Fruit (made from 5 Durians): sells for 210 Rupees.
  • Prime Meat Stew (made from Raw Prime Meat, Fresh Milk, Tabantha Wheat, Goat Butter): sells for 190 Rupees.

Hunting and Selling Monster Parts

You’ll encounter many monsters in your travels. Defeat them and collect their dropped items. These monster parts can be used in elixirs or sold to merchants. The more difficult the monster, the more valuable its parts. For instance, Lynel parts are especially lucrative. Keep in mind that these monster parts can also be used to craft powerful elixirs. Sell these wisely. If you find it easy to take down a Lynel, then you have a source of some handy money. Same goes for a Molduga.

killing moduga for easy rupees

  • Bokoblin Guts: 20 Rupees each
  • Moblin Guts: 25 Rupees each
  • Lynel Guts: 200 Rupees each
  • Hinox Guts: 80 Rupees each
  • Molduga Guts: 110 Rupees each
  • Lizalfos Tail: 28 Rupees each
  • Icy Lizalfos Tail: 45 Rupees each
  • Red ChuChu Jelly: 10 Rupees each
  • Blue ChuChu Jelly: 20 Rupees each
  • Yellow ChuChu Jelly: 40 Rupees each
  • White ChuChu Jelly: 60 Rupees each

Completing Side Quests and Shrines

Side quests given by NPCs often reward you with Rupees. Plus, there are many shrines scattered throughout the game, and some of them contain valuable treasures, including Rupees.

Throughout your journey, you’ll come across chests containing various items, including weapons, armor, food, and occasionally Rupees. Using the ultrahand ability will allow you to pull many chests into reach. Shrines contain lots of chests with rupees.

We have a detailed section of the website dedicated to quest guides for Tears of the Kingdom that will help you out if you are looking to get through all of the side quests in this game as quickly as possible. I will update this list as I find them, Please add a comment below if you know of any quests that give a lot of Rupees as a reward.

Farm Rupees Completing Mini Games

Much like the awesome snowball bowling game that was the source of a LOT of Rupees in Breath of the Wild, you can make use of some mini-games to get a lot of easy Rupees in Tears of the Kingdom.

Flight Range Mini Game For Rito

easy rupees from mini games

Head to the flight range to the west of the Rito village and you will find a flight range here with a mini-game for flying through hoops. Fly through enough to earn a gold rupee as a reward which is worth 300 Rupees. Repeat this over to get 100 each time which adds up over time.

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