4 Easy Methods To Get Arrows

how to get arrows

Arrows are an essential consumable resource in Tears of the Kingdom that can be turned into a range of different powered projectiles based on the game’s new Fuse system. A simple arrow combined with a bomb, an eye, a light seed and a range of other items can become essential for survival. The biggest issue players have is where to find arrows and how to get the easily. This guide will cover some methods to help you with this.

Buying Arrows From Stores

Not the step most people want I am sure but it is the one worth mentioning. There are loads of things you can to do easily farm Rupees in Tears of the Kingdom such as using the Infinite Diamond glitch. This will make the cost of 60 rupees for 25 arrows seem incredibly cheap. All you need to do is fast-travel to each of the main towns and cities in the game and purchase all of the arrows the vendors have available. This should provide you with more than enough arrows to cover you for some time. Wait a few in-game days and return to the same stores to repeat the process.

The Gerudo Caverns

The caverns below Gerudo town are also a handy place to farm arrows. You can also find a bow or 2 down here which will also come in handy for those traversing the depths of Hyrule and are needing lots of arrows and bows for the bright bloom seeds.

Breaking Boxes and Barrels For Easy Arrows

There are large wooden crates, boxes and barrels all over the game. They can be found in villages, ruins, settlements and enemy bases. Destroying these boxes will provide you with a bunch of arrows and due to how easy there are to find.

easy way to get arrows

Smash the boxes with a sword or use the ultrahand to drop them onto eachother to break open the contents to get the arrows inside. These boxes are common in all of the Boko and Lizard bases which are frequently found all over Hyrule.

Taking Arrows From Enemy Archers

Killing archers will often result in some arrows and a bow dropping but it can also be a source of arrows if you allow the enemy to shoot the arrows at you and dodge out of the way. this is a handy tactic to use when there are lots of enemies running around and archers shooting from a distance. The arrows will miss you and land in the ground. You can then run over and pick these arrows up and they will be added to your inventory. Keep repeating this over and over for a steady supply of free arrows.

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