How To Use The Zonai Wing

How To Use The Zonai Wing

One of the biggest changes in Tears of the Kingdom is the retirement of the Sheikah the ancient race who have all the awesome technology. Where they went, who knows but the Zonai are now the dominant race that has an abundance of leftover technology just hanging around the place, one of which is the Zonai wing.

You will find these after completing Nachoyah Shrine atop the snowy mountain during the opening sky island quest, The closed door in Tears of the Kingdom. The game will hint that you can use these things to glide back down to the Temple of Time but how do you activate them? They seem to be dormant and have no controls that show you any sort of obvious way to activate them. It’s a little tricky to get started but this is how to use the Zonai Wing in Tears of the Kingdom.

placing the zonai wing

You need to start by using the Ultrahand to place one of the wings on the rails that you can see dug into the sloped surface that is directed toward the Temple of Time. As soon as you let go of the wing, it is going to start sliding so you will need to be ready to jump on it quickly. Alternatively, you could have the recall ability ready and cast it on the wing so that it returns to where you dropped it. This way you can easily jump on top of it without any pressure.

Once you are standing on top of the wing, you will start sliding toward the edge of the cliff and when you do, it will slide off and start to glide. This is it! There are no controls or anything to this. It is essentially a stone glider that is currently quite dumb. Don’t worry, you will learn to make better use of these in the future.

How To Control The Zonai Wing While Flying

A plain and simple Zonai wing, that you will find during the opening mission in Tears of the Kingdom does not have any advanced abilities that let you gain any sort of control over it. It is simply a basic glider that you have limited abilities to move.

To steer it, you just need to move your weight by walking around on the surface of the wing. The further you walk to each side of the wing you go, the steeper it will steer. The same goes for walking toward the front and back. It will give you a lift or make it dive down. Be warned that if you stand on the rear for too long, it will cause the wing to stall.

how to fly zonai wing

When you are close to where you are hoping to reach, you can just jump off the glider and dive down. If you are doing this in the starting mission of the game, you need to make sure you dive off above a body of water since you do not yet have the paraglider to land softly. You can also make the glider nose dive so that you crash land close to the main door of the temple.

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