How Do I Get Past The Cold Area In Breath Of The Wild?


You have located the 3 shrines to obtain the spirit stones and have gotten to a point where the area ahead is too cold and will kill you if you proceed too far. This leads to the same question for everyone, how do I get past the cold area north of the Temple of Time.

How Do I Get Past The Cold Area In Breath Of The Wild
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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1 Answer

Dan -

I had initially started looking for clothes but turns out this is not what is required. By the time I had gotten this far, there was no tutorial that showed me how the cooking mechanics worked, so I didn’t think to try but turns out this is how it’s done. To get past the cold areas you need to cook some soup that will grant you some immunity to the cold.

All around the area before the cold section, you will see plants that are growing peppers. Pick a bunch of peppers as this is the main ingredient. To the right side of the gate into the cold area, there is a small camp with a fire. Use the torch on the ground to light up the cooking pot, having first set it alight on the fire. Take a pepper from your inventory and hold it. You will now be able to place this into the cooking pot. This will produce a meal that grants you immunity from the cold for 2:30 mins.

It’s best to make a few of them in case you get lost!

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