What To Do With Artifacts In Atlas Fallen

should you sell artifacts

As you are exploring the world in Atlas Fallen, you will end up finding dozens if not hundreds of artefacts, scattered all over the place. They catch your eye from a distance with the white swirling glow. You may make the mistake of hunting after them only to find they are seemingly worthless artifacts. The question is whether these are important and whether you need to keep a hold of them or not. Is there any reason to keep these, if so, what do you do with them?

What to Do With Artifacts

There is actually no exciting use for the artifacts in Atlas Fallen, unfortunately. They are just pointless trinkets that you can collect and the only use for them is for selling to the travelling vendor.

what to do with artifacts

Keep an eye out for the kyte that you will see flying around in various places as you explore the world. There is no guaranteed place to find him. When you do find him, you will be able to sell all of the artifacts to him. The money you get from selling them is quite worthless too so the entire process of collecting them is quite pointless in general.

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