How To Get Flashing Notification On the Wii U Controller To Stop?

When you play Breath Of The Wild on your TV, you will notice that the screen on the Wii U gamepad is constantly displaying a message that tells you to tap the gamepad to swap the game video over. When you tap, the game video goes from the TV to the game controller. Is there any way to make the flashing notification on the Wii U controller go away?

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Dan Hastings

Back in the early days the Wii U controller had a setup similar to that of the wind walker game. It would appear that this was removed from the Wii U version so as not to give it an advantage over the Nintendo Switch version of the game which has become the priority. The official statement is that they wanted to provide the same experience across both systems. You can read more about that here

As for whether you can disable the flashing notification on the Wii U game controller, it is not currently possible. It does seem like there are quite a few people who are unhappy with this, so it is possible that there will be a patch in the future to correct this and allow us to disable the notification. For now we will have to cover up the screen with cardboard to make the flashing notification go away.

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