How Long Does It Take For Miphas Grace To Recharge?

After completing the puzzle inside Vah Ruta and killing Waterblight Gannon, you will receive Miphas Grace from the Zora, Mipha. This will work like a fairy and bring you back to life if you die. How long does it take for Miphas Grace to recharge after you use it to revive?

1 Answer

Dan Hastings

This is such a great power to have and the best thing is that the cooldown for it is only 30 minutes. Might seem like a long time if you were hoping to make good use of it during a boss battle or something, but If you often die for stupid things or are low on food, this is a perfect way to get back on top form without having to go to any lengths.

When you die with Miphas Grace, you will be revived with bonus hearts and the 30-minute countdown will begin.

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