Ridgeland Tower Guide

ridgeland tower

Of all the towers in the game, this one is probably the most challenging from a combat difficulty level. The way to the top of Ridgeland tower is fairly clear and obvious but the bottom of it is filled with Poe enemies. These guys have a long-range attack and a high aggro range. Once they spot you, climbing to the top is going to be tough. Akkala tower may be the most difficult puzzle, but you have your work cut out for you with this one.

Ridgeland Tower is fairly simple to find. The map below will highlight the location to make it easier if you need it. It will probably be much later in the game before you encounter it anyway. This should mean you have enough of what you need to be able to take it on without getting your ass kicked by the ghosts.

Ridgeland Sheikah Tower Location
Location of the Ridgeland Sheikah Tower in Breath of the Wild

Getting across to Ridgeland Tower is the first challenge you will face. Even with Revali’s gale, the distance from the shore of the late to the tower is quite long. Gliding over will only land you at the base. This leaves you with the lizards swimming in the water and the ghosts to try and tackle. A second run of Revalis gale will help if you have enough charges left. However the best strategy without it is to use ice blocks.

If you take a look at the patrol pattern of the Poe, wizard things running around, they tend to leave one section of the tower exposed for a long period of time. The ara will be filled with lizards, but you can more easily deal with these. Use ice blocks to craft a path over to the base of the tower. Try your best to freeze and block the lizards from using the ranged lightning attack against you.

Ridgeland tower enemies in the water
This top down view of the lake and tower area shows the enmies dancing around and some lizards.

Once you get here try to freeze or take out any of the lizards you have attacking you. The freeze rod is great for this, but use anything and everything at your disposal to neutralize the enemies attacking you. Once they are gone, start climbing the tower and do it as quickly as you can. Getting out of the range of sight of other enemies in the area is the most important thing you can do.

The video guide below will show you a perfect method that you can use to get past all of the enemies in the water and climb to the top of Ridgeland tower without the enemies making mincemeat of you.

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