Divine Beast Vah Rudania Walkthrough

Vah Rudania is the divine beast that is located at the Goron city. In comparison to the others, I found this to be a very easy dungeon and the boss fight at the end was also one of the easier ones. So let’s get stuck into the Divine Beast Vah Rudania Walkthrough.

When you arrive there will be a door right ahead of you. Head inside. The place is pitch black which does make things difficult, but there are no enemies to really deal with so you shouldn’t have too much trouble. Aim to destroy all of the eyeballs on the black slime as they often have chests underneath. One of the first chests will contain a torch, light it off one of the blue flames braziers and light the unlit one next to the door. Repeat the same process for each area until you make it to the main computer. Once you get this far, the room will light up.

Terminal #1 – You will now have access to the controls for Vah Rudania. Head back to the start of the room where you entered. To the right side of the path leading back up, there will be a door. I somehow managed to throw a torch through this hole and light the brazier inside, but an arrow would make more sense if you have them to spare. Head inside the room and go left. Look up on the roof and a flaming arrow to burn away the leaves. Turn Vah Rudania sideways and use the metal cube to block the flames. Once inside you can rotate Vah Rudania again to access the first terminal.

Terminal #2 – After leaving the room where you collected terminal #1, look to the right and see 2 large doors with some vines at the top. Burn the vines and use the magnet rune to open the doors up. There will be a terminal inside.

Terminal #3 – Light your torch on one of the blue flame braziers and then rotate Vah Rudania sideways. When you do this, a path will become accessible that allows you to run up to the top. You need to bring the blue flame up to the top to light a brazier up here, so run up and you will find the lantern on the left side as you exit, you will need to rotate again in order to light the lantern. Once lit, an orange ball will drop out and roll down the tracks. You will need to guide this ball all the way down the tracks so it falls into a hole switch. Rotate sideways and head back into the door you came. Follow the tracks all the way down. You will see that the ball is stuck behind a cube. Use the magnet rune to lift up the cube and the ball should fall and activate the switch, giving you access to the third terminal.

Terminal #4 – This terminal is located on top of the spines on the back of this Divine Beast. It is located toward the rear of the spines. Head up onto the top floor and rotate sideways so that you can walk along the ledge of the spines. Once you are in a safe spot, rotate back and you can run down the spine to gain access to the terminal.

Terminal #5 – The 5th terminal is located directly behind the metal path that you guided the ball down to gain access to terminal #3. Rather than run up the rail, walk behind it and you will see the terminal in the middle of the room.

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