Fix Voice Chat Lag & Echo On Xbox

    If you have joined a party with a friend you may notice that there is a bit of lag when you speak. This results in both of you talking over each other. It quickly gets very frustrating. This is quite a common issue for people using voice chat over Xbox One and can be difficult to fix.

    The problem usually comes in two ways. The first is that there is a clear delay between when you finish speaking and the person on the other end actually hears you finish. You will end up talking over each other and interrupting, resulting in a bit of a frustrating experience. 

    The second problem comes in the form of a voice echo. When you speak, you can hear your voice come back to you. This will give you an idea of how bad the latency is when you hear your own voice echo back to you after you stop talking. 

    Fix Voice Echo And Lag On Xbox One

    The cause of this problem appears to Xbox Live itself. It is a problem that a lot of people have reported and can vary in how bad it is, depending on the location. There are some things you can attempt to fix it or bypass the problem completely. 

    Use Skype For Voice Chat

    Probably not the answer you were expecting but hear me out. The Xbox One has a Skype app and you can log in automatically using your Xbox Live account. The process is painless and very easy to get set up with. For some reason, voice chat over Skype is far more stable and clear. Without changing a single setting on my home network or Xbox, I was able to get perfectly clear audio with no latency and no echo, simply by using Skype.

    Check Your NAT Type

    For those unfamiliar with the term, NAT types come in three levels or types. 1, 2 and 3. Type 1 is ideal for gaming, but it also comes at a cost. You will need to open ports on your home networks firewall. Something that can be a little complicated for some people.

    If you have NAT type 2, you may have some issues and if you have type 3, which is the most restricted type, you are more than likely going to experience the lag issues with voice chat on Xbox. 

    You can run a network test from the Xbox to see what your NAT type is. If it is restricted, Skype might be an easier solution for you. If you are determined to fix the source of the problem, check out the video below to find out how to get a NAT type of open.

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