Xbox Open NAT With Vodafone Siro Gigabox Router

    strict nat with vodafone siro

    If you have Vodafone’s gigabit broadband connection Siro, you will likely hit issues with a NAT type of strict when you are playing on Xbox Live. In order to fix this, you will need to open some ports on your router in order to fix it. If you do not know what this means, do not worry. This guide will help you through every step you need to get rid of the strict NAT type.

    Log Into Your Vodafone Siro Gigabox Router

    By default, you should be able to access your router by visiting the following URL ( from any device that is connected to the wifi. It is best to do this on a laptop as the UI does not work well for mobile users.

    The login credentials can be found on the white label underneath the stand of your router. You can change the password if you wish. If the sticker has been removed or damaged, you will have to call Vodafone to get them to reset the password for you.

    vodafone gigabox home page
    This is the home page that you will see after logging into your Vodafone gigabox router.

    Setup Port Forwarding On Your Router

    Vodafone have a guide one their website that shows you how to do this in lots of easy to follow steps. You can save yourself some time by simply visiting this URL after you have logged into the router.

    gigabox port forwarding for xbox one
    On the port forwarding page of the gigabox router, you will see a large plus icon. Click this to bring up the form to setup port forwarding for the Xbox One

    Ports Required By Xbox Live For Open NAT Type

    Microsoft have provided a list of all of the ports that need to be open for the Xbox One to operate correctly with a non strict NAT type. You will need to keep clicking the button below and add the following ports for a specific IP address. I will add one port below with instructions and you can repeat the same process over and over for all of the ports in the list below.

    • Port 88 (UDP)
    • Port 3074 (UDP and TCP)
    • Port 53 (UDP and TCP)
    • Port 80 (TCP)
    • Port 500 (UDP)
    • Port 3544 (UDP)
    • Port 4500 (UDP)

    Setup Static IP On Console

    Before you can configure anything on your broadband router, you will first need to edit some settings on your Xbox console to support Open NAT. You should check out the guide I have linked if you do not know how to do this. If you have a rough idea and just need to be pointed in the right direction, navigate to the following section of the Xbox settings menu.

    General -> Network Settings -> Advanced Settings -> IP settings

    xbox ip settings
    Before you begin configuring anything, take note of what the current IP settings are for your network. This saves you having to figure anything out on your own. The values will likely be different for you but they will be in the same location.

    Forwarding Xbox Live Ports On Siro Router

    When you click the plus button, it will bring up a form that will let you add a new port to forward. You will need to make sure that your Xbox is connected to the internet using this router and you have set the static IP from the section above.

    opening port on siro router
    The form above shows a port being added. I found that the port number in this picture was the only one I needed to open in order to obtain an open NAT but it may differ depending on the weather, its best to just open all that Microsoft suggest

    How To Check If You Have an Open NAT

    All the hassle is over now, you should have a static IP and all of the ports on the router that Xbox Live needs opened up and good to go, now you just need to test it worked. Navigate to the following menu location and it will trigger a test. The result will be displayed as soon as it completes.

    General -> Network Settings -> Test NAT Type

    Assuming everything worked, you should now have an open NAT on the Xbox One when you are using a Vodafone gigabox router and should hopefully have a smoother online experience.


    1. I have an issue where I want to run a web server on the same network as an Xbox. Forwarding port 80 to the Xbox breaks the Web services, is there a way to get around this?

      • You may get away without opening port 80 since it is generally a port that allows traffic due to it being a default for many services. With that being said, it seems a bit risky running a web server on a home network. Could be opening things for attack. If the web server is not public, try changing the port of the sites that are using it. It might be awkward but you could hit the IP of the server e.g. where 9000 is the port number that you changed IIS or Apache to use (or whatever service you are using)

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