Witch Rise Review

Witch Rise
witch rise

Witch Rise presents an engaging premise, where a first-person shooter meets a magical kingdom. Players follow the story of a girl transformed into a piglet, tasked with finding four magic staffs to defeat the Fallen Witch and regain her human form. The game sets itself apart with a blend of 2D pixelated graphics in a 3D world, creating a visually distinct experience.

The gameplay offers a nostalgic nod to classic shooters like Wolfenstein and Doom, but it’s not without its pitfalls. Initially, the combat feels underwhelming due to the limited range of the sword, forcing players into close, often disadvantageous encounters. The introduction of ranged wand attacks improves this, but the overall combat mechanics remain basic and repetitive.

short sword

One significant issue is the disorienting effect of the camera rotation when taking damage, which can disrupt the flow of gameplay. You swing your sword to try to hit an enemy, they hit you back and for some reason, the camera does a 180-degree rotation and now the enemy is attacking you from behind. Its one of the most frustrating combat mechanics you will ever experience and does nothing but make an already weak combat system even worse. Additionally, the oversized hitbox, particularly with environmental hazards, adds to the frustration.

Navigating the game’s world poses another challenge. Despite the expansive environment, the map is rudimentary and offers little guidance, making exploration more tedious than enjoyable. The lack of markers for key locations like boss doors further complicates navigation. Not only is it hard to know where you are when looking at the map but it’s also hard to know where vendors are or anything of significance.

witch rise map

The game’s length is notably brief, with the potential to complete it in under an hour. This short duration, coupled with limited content and replay value, detracts from the overall value proposition of the game. Post-completion, there’s little to draw players back.

Despite these issues, Witch Rise has its merits. The unique art style and the game’s affordability are points in its favor. However, spelling mistakes in dialogues and an unintuitive user interface dampen the experience. For trophy enthusiasts, especially on platforms like the PS5, the game’s ease of achieving a platinum trophy might be a draw.

While Witch Rise offers a visually unique experience with a charming premise, it falls short in delivering a fully satisfying gameplay experience. The simplistic combat, challenging navigation, and brief playtime, coupled with technical and design shortcomings, might limit its appeal to a niche audience


Witch Rise combines first-person shooter elements with a magical theme, featuring a unique blend of 2D and 3D graphics. The game is criticized for its simplistic combat and frustrating navigation due to a basic map and disorienting camera movements. Despite its charming visual style and affordable price, the game's short duration and limited replay value detract from its overall appeal. It might interest those looking for a brief, nostalgic gaming experience or trophy hunters on platforms like PS5.
  • Unique visual blend of 2D and 3D graphics.
  • Engaging first-person shooter elements reminiscent of classic games.
  • Charming visual style and magical theme.
  • Affordable price, appealing for casual gaming or trophy hunters.
  • Simplistic and initially frustrating combat mechanics.
  • Disorienting camera movements upon taking damage.
  • Difficult navigation due to a primitive map design.
  • Very short gameplay duration with limited replay value.