Is it possible to have a wireless connection between TV and Xbox?


Is there a way to have your Xbox One console communicate with your TV without any wires. Wireless connection from Xbox One console to TV. Not wireless remotes. The console. The console sitting on the table the TV sitting on another table you are playing the game and it’s shown on the TV and there are no cables connecting the Xbox controller to the TV. I hope I make myself clear because I’ve asked this question a thousand times and nobody is giving me an answer they they all think I’m just trying to go wireless controller I want the console to work with the TV without any type of a wire or a cable between the two of them is this possible?

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Lloyd Collier -

At the moment, there is nothing directly built into the Xbox that would allow wireless connection to the TV.

What you are looking for is wireless HDMI. This does exist and is sort of like using a Chromecast but in both ends. You put the hdmi recover on the TV and then connect a device to broadcast the video on the Xbox. 

This tech is not going to work well for high resolution and refresh rates needed for gaming. This is why it’s not mainstream.

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