How do you holster your weapon?


I can’t seem to figure out how to holster my weapon. I’ve accidentally drawn my weapon in places where I really didn’t mean to and have accidentally shot a few times too, leading to some… let’s just say, less than ideal situations. Could someone please explain how to holster my weapon in Fallout 4 on the PS4? Thanks a lot for your help!

How do you holster your weapon
Fallout 4

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Pam -

Holstering your weapon in Fallout 4 is actually pretty straightforward once you know the correct button or key to press, and the method is slightly different depending on whether you’re playing on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation.

Here’s how to holster your weapon on each platform:

  • PlayStation (PS4/PS5): Hold down the “Square” button for a couple of seconds. Your character will put away their weapon.
  • Xbox (Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S): Similar to PlayStation, you’ll want to hold down the “X” button. Just give it a couple of seconds, and your character will holster their weapon.
  • PC: On PC, the process is just as simple but involves a different key. You’ll need to press and hold the “R” key (the default key for reloading). Instead of tapping it to reload, hold it down, and your character will holster their weapon.

Remember, holstering your weapon not only helps avoid accidental confrontations but also makes NPCs react more favorably towards you in many situations. Plus, it’s always good etiquette to walk into someone’s home or a friendly settlement without your weapon drawn!

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