How To Convert Xbox Live Gold To Gamepass Ultimate

    Xbox Live Gold To Gamepass

    There is no doubt when it comes to the value of Gamepass. A huge collection of games, updated regularly, often with high profile AAA games for a monthly fee. Even though the service is worth every penny, there is no denying that it is a rather hefty monthly fee for those on a tight budget. Fortunately, there is a way to get Gamepass at a huge discount if you follow this fairly simple method.

    Gamepass and Xbox live Gold are different subscriptions. Gamepass ultimate combines the two together into one monthly fee. In order to encourage people to start using this service, Microsoft has a rather attractive incentive that will allow you to convert your existing Gold membership into a Gamepass ultimate subscription for a one time fee of $1 or €1. This is a deal too good to turn down, but it does require you to jump through a few hoops.

    Please leave a comment below if this has worked for you. We do not know when Microsoft may close those offers. Please alert others as to whether it is still working.

    How To Convert Xbox Live Gold To Gamepass Ultimate

    So to perform this you will need to ensure that you do not already have an existing Gamepass ultimate subscription. If you do, you will need to cancel the reoccurring payment and wait until it has expired before you will be able to take advantage of this offer.

    Start by purchasing Xbox Live Gold. I would recommend you purchase three years upfront if you can afford it. This will allow you to maximize the value of the offer and convert three years or 36 months of Xbox Live Gold into 36 months of Gamepass Ultimate for the one upfront price.

    You can purchase 12 month Xbox Live Gold subscriptions from CDKeys for the lowest price on the market. You will likely be paying around 150 for three years of Gold. Once converted to Gamepass, this will work out at 4.19 per month. An incredible amount of money to save.

    So to get started converting Xbox Gold to Gamepass Ultimate, purchase the longest Xbox Live Gold subscription you can afford. You will pay $1 whether you have 2 months of gold or 36 months. Keep in mind that 36 months is the maximum amount of Gold that you can convert to Gamepass.

    Convert Your Gold Membership To Gamepass Ultimate

    Once you have an active Xbox Live gold subscription active in your Xbox Live account, you can begin converting it to Gamepass ultimate. The best thing about this is that you can do it more than once. If you have done this in the past for $1, you will actually be able to do this a second time, but not for $1, it will cost $12.99 for all subsequent times after you take advantage of the introductory offer.

    Xbox Live Gold To Gamepass
    By visiting the Microsoft site (click the image above to go there automatically), you can very simply follow the setup process to get your subscription converted over

    To begin this process, head over to the Microsoft website and click on the button to begin the Xbox Live Gold to Gamepass wizard. The process is pretty simple. It will require you to make the one-off payment and before you pay, it will tell you the full length of the subscription, including when it expires.

    The process is pretty much instant. As soon as you have completed the setup, you can check your Xbox Live subscriptions. Do this via the website or through your Xbox console. You have now successfully converted your Xbox Live Gold To Gamepass and saved a huge amount of money in the process!

    convert xbox gold to gamepass
    Once you have completed the payment, you will see a prompt to let you know when the subscription will expire.

    Can You Convert Xbox Live Gold To Gamepass Multiple Times?

    Yes, you can! This is the best thing about it, but in order to do it a second time, you need to follow a strict procedure to ensure that you end up triggering the correct offer. Before we go into how to do this, the difference between doing it the first time and the second time is the price.

    The first time you perform this conversion, it will cost you $1 to convert all of the time left in your Gold subscription to Gamepass. This is a one-time fee and is an incredible bargain. The second time you do it, you will have a similar one time fee, but the price goes up to $12.99. It is still a one-time fee, just a little more expensive. You will not have to do anything different. IT is the same process. When it gets to the checkout, the Xbox store will let you know how much you have to pay.

    How To Use Gold To Gamepass Offer A Second Time

    The process is the exact same as the steps above but before you do it you need to be very careful that the following conditions are true.

    • You do not have an active Gamepass or Gamepass ultimate subscription
    • You do not have Xbox Gold Active (not fully required but its easier if you do not)

    Once you have ensured that you let the subscription lapse and that you are no longer a Gamepass member, you are all set. Scroll back up and follow the guide. I would suggest you purchase 36 months of Gold in order to get the best possible value but it is entirely up to what you can afford.

    Do Xbox Live Gold Subscriptions Stack?

    If you purchase more than one 12 month Xbox Live Gold code online, can they be stacked on top of each other to end up with a subscription of multiple years? The answer is YES! You can redeem multiple 12-month cards or even lower amounts. As many as you like. When you redeem a second voucher, it will just add the time onto the existing time remaining with your gold subscription.

    It is worth keeping in mind that when converting over to Gamepass Ultimate, it is not possible to do this for more than 36 months. If you have 5 years of Xbox Live gold, you will lose 2 years of it when you upgrade the account. So be very careful and make sure you do the math so that you do not end up losing some of your subscription time.

    Where to Get 3 years of Xbox Live Gold

    It is not currently possible to purchase a three year Xbox Live gold membership in one single voucher. You will need to purchase a 12-month subscription code three times to add up to the 36 months that you will need to take advantage of this offer.

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